Xternity secures $4.5 million investment to boost Web3 adoption | Invezz

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xternity secures $4.5 million investment to boost web3 adoption | invezz

Web3 gaming platform Xternity, which looks to boost adoption across the Web3 ecosystem through streamlined engagement and community empowerment, has secured $4.5 million from investors as it seeks to advance these goals.

The platform also announced its Beta launch was now live.

Xternity is powered by Xternity Games Ltd and was founded by Sagi Maman (currently the CEO) and Shahar Asher (the CTO).

Xternity raises $4.5 million, opens Beta launch

According to an announcement the Xternity team shared with Invezz on Monday, the $4.5 million in funding will help it support game creators bring the best of blockchain games to the ecosystem.

Participants in the capital injection attracted investors from the gaming and Web3 sectors, including Jibe Ventures, Flori Ventures, Secret Chords, Vgames, and NFX. 

Xternity will look to help creators achieve true digital ownership, which is key to the process of bringing Web2 to Web3. 

According to Sagi Maman, the CEO, this is one step of creating an environment for mass adoption of the blockchain gaming ecosystem. He noted in a statement:

“Xternity continuously strives to define and build a long-term solution with valuable utility for the user. We believe that mass adoption of Web3 is possible only with simple, safe, and scalable technology built upon a sustainable engagement economy.”

Apart from announcing the $4.5 million investment, Xternity also revealed it had launched its Beta version that will allow creators to test the available solutions. This can be achieved through an end-to-end Web3 solution, with wallet and NFT Store integration.

Users can also leverage Web3 CRM & Data and other game economy tools across multiple top blockchains, including Polygon, Solana, ImmutableX, and Celo.

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