Privacy blockchain Namada seeks partnership, airdrop for Osmosis | Invezz

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privacy blockchain namada seeks partnership, airdrop for osmosis | invezz


Namada, a privacy-focused blockchain that will be going live soon, is looking to partner with Osmosis, an automated market maker (AMM) built on Cosmos.

To achieve this, Namada has proposed a “public goods partnership” and an airdrop of its native NAM token to the Osmosis community- OSMO holders, stakers and liquidity pool (LP) providers.

Namada to bring “shielded actions” to Osmosis

In announcing the proposal, Namada co-founder Christopher Goes said the collaboration will also include a grants program aimed at supporting a range of privacy-focused research and development projects across both the Osmosis and Namada blockchain ecosystems.

Namada also seeks to bring “shielded actions” to Osmosis, making it easy for OSMO users to tap into Osmosis’s trading and the privacy technology from Namada. Shielded Actions will allow Osmosis users to keep their transactions private even as they access and interact with all their applications. This will initially be possible across the Cosmos and Ethereum blockchain ecosystems.

Goes explained.

“Using Shielded Actions, you could keep your ATOM, OSMO, or (bridged) ETH private on Namada at rest, then unshield, send to Osmosis, swap for another asset, and send back to Namada, all in one seamless user action.”

The Osmosis community is now expected to consider the proposal and provide feedback via a governance vote. The proposal is similar to one Namada outlined in April for Zcash.

As Invezz reported, that proposal also looked at a NAM airdrop for ZEC holders.


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