Why was Tucker Carlson fired and what was he worth to Fox Corp?

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why was tucker carlson fired and what was he worth to fox corp?


Fox Corp (NASDAQ: FOX) remains in focus a day after firing its top-rated primetime host – Tucker Carlson as Invezz reported HERE.

Why did Fox Corp part ways with Tucker Carlson?

Sources have already confirmed that the decision came straight from Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

Neither Carlson nor Fox Corp, though, divulged the reason why Tucker was let go – leaving the online media flooding with possible explanations for what can only be described as a seismic news.

It is noteworthy that the announcement came only days after the Nasdaq-listed firm settled its legal battle with Dominion Voting Rights for nearly $800 million.  

But “The Times” discovered from anonymous sources today that the departure was actually related to a lawsuit that Abby Grossberg (former producer) recently filed against Fox Corp over sexism and antisemitic remarks. Nonetheless, the editor-in-chief of Semafor – Ben Smith said today:

I don’t totally buy the existing explanations. There’s a sexual discrimination lawsuit. Plausible that they were like, it’ll be messy, fire the guy. He said something bad about his bosses, but that’s also widely known he does that.

What was Tucker Carlson worth to Fox Corp?

Remember that Carlson isn’t known as a team player who’s easy to control.

So, yes, it’s conceivable that parting ways with him was an opportunity for the Murdochs to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of the legal baggage that he carried, all the while reminding who the boss is.   

That brings us to the next big question. What was Tucker Carlson worth to Fox Corp? Shares of the mass media company have already recovered nearly half of their loss from Monday that seems to suggest the $17 billion giant may just do fine without him. On CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, Smith noted:

There will be some bumps around it but I don’t think it’s an audience that Tucker Carlson is going to be able to reach somewhere else and say, download my app and come with me over here.

Year-to-date, Fox shares are up more than 6.0% at writing.


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