Umbria Network joins Polygon ecosystem

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Umbria Network, a global platform enabling migration of crypto assets cross-chain quickly and cheaply, has become a member of the Polygon Village (MATIC/USD), an initiative aimed at helping developers grow their projects, Invezz learned from a press release.

Polygon to support Umbria’s marketing efforts

Through this partnership, Polygon Village will promote Umbria’s marketing efforts to bring the project up another notch. The network’s next goal is to market its Bridge Widget V2 to QuickSwap and other leading projects on Polygon.

The Widget integration is the fastest and most affordable bridging solution, helping introduce many users to the Polygon ecosystem with its native platform. Polygon will deploy marketing assistance to raise awareness of the referral program of the widget. This initiative gives collaborators a further incentive as a new stream of income.

All referrers who use a simple iframe to integrate the widget get a reward of 0.1% on all transactions carried out through it on their platform.

Oscar Chambers, Co-founder of Umbria Network, said:

Using Polygon DAO’s marketing experience will make it possible for us to expand our reach in the niche and join more projects within the Polygon ecosystem.

Umbria operates within the NFT and DeFi space and earns high ROCE on assets lacking impermanent loss. The network’s one of a kind cross-chain bridge, Narni, helps do away with pressing issues with blockchain interoperability.

The bridge eliminates the cost and hassle of transferring assets between blockchains. It is the most affordable and quickest cross-chain liquidity bridge between Ethereum (ETH/USD) and Polygon. Narni does away with the barriers to interacting with NFTs and DeFi applications, making them much easier for a broader target group of customers to access.  

Main protocols of Umbria

The main protocols of the Umbria ecosystem are a staking pool, a cross-chain asset bridge, and a DEX. The staking pool allows liquidity providers to Narni to earn rewards on their digital funds.

The bridge makes it possible to transfer assets between networks and blockchains quickly and cheaply. Finally, the DEX is governed fully on-chain and powered by a reliable product algorithm. Smart contracts deploy it.

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