ChainGuardians announces sale of Cryptoverse LAND on Binance NFT Marketplace

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Blockchain play-to-earn game ChainGuardians has announced the sale of its 3D virtual world Cryptoverse LAND on the Binance NFT launchpad. The sale will also take place on Galler, an exclusive decentralised exchange (DEX) partner of Binance NFT.

ChainGuardians is one of the most popular RPG game in the ecosystem and its Cryptoverse LANDs have proved to be in high demand. The LAND comes in the form of an ERC-721 NFT that gives holders ownership in the Unreal Engine 5-built Cryptoverse, and is set for sale beginning Tuesday, 22 March 2022.

Minting will occur on Polygon for Single Parcels and on Ethereum for Estates, Cryptoverse said in a statement.

Per the platform, early supporters of the project are likely to get more from the cross-chain exploration, with the possibility of avoiding the high transaction fees. The decision to allow minting Estates on Ethereum comes down to scalability and security, the firm added. 

LAND sale on Binance NFT and Galler Marketplace

LAND is a piece of virtual space in the Cryptoverse, which users have provable ownership to via the ERC-721 NFT. The ownership is represented on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a scarce digital resource within the Metaverse that holders can develop, and monetise, with added in-game advantages to owners.

To participate in the LAND sale on Binance NFT as well as the Galler Marketplace, interested parties need to note the following:

The sale will commence at 3 PM UTC on 22 March, with the accepted payment method being the Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin.

There are no restrictions on purchases except that buyers will need to have completed a KYC check to proceed if they are using the Binance marketplace.

On the Cryptoverse landing page, users can select their desired LAND size and once purchased, safely store the NFT voucher. This will happen via WalletConnect and must be secured on the BNB Chain by May 1, 2022.

Traders also have an opportunity to benefit from a “special promotion” for the Cryptoverse LAND. This will take place between 22 March and 28 March 2022 (starting and ending at 11:00 UTC on the two dates respectively). 

Traders will have a chance to grab one of the “90 exclusive Binancio Kyubu NFTs and 50 exclusive Galler Kyubu NFTs.”

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