House of Assets launches NFT marketplace

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House of Assets, a promising NFT project, has introduced an authentic NFT marketplace, which features reliable, curated, and legitimate NFTs from creators.  

The platform will introduce interesting play-to-earn games, where players can monetize their experience by simply playing and winning the games, Invezz learned from a press release on PR Newswire.  

House introduces own metaverse

As a component of its roadmap, House of Assets will introduce its own metaverse to make users part of a fabulous virtual world experience.

The project’s main purpose is to leverage the NFT sphere and increase the adoption of NFTs all over the world. The team of House researched NFT market limitations, which include price manipulation, complicated trading processes, copyright violation and scams, and more.

Resolving common issues with NFTs

To prevent all these issues, House of Assets created a next-gen marketplace, which features only legitimate assets. They make it viable by working with people in the real world to present trustworthy NFT collections.

Yasmine Alami West, the Co-Founder of House of Assets commented:

We capitalize on the market advantages of NFTs by building a dedicated marketplace presenting credible NFTs and wish to make the buyer’s portfolio worthy by adding a true value.

Marketplace launches Boomie 0.1, a collection of 10K NFTs

To kick-start the launch, House of Assets will present an artful collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs titled Boomie 0.1. Holders will gain access to outstanding utilities, excellent rewards, and the House of Assets’ Society.

Seamless convergence of the physical and digital

House of Assets has created a virtual world facilitating a seamless convergence of the physical and the digital. The community can work, play, socialize, relax, and transact in an immersive three-dimensional web layer, where its members can widen and deepen social interaction digitally. Users can connect to various services, goods, and experiences from the comfort of their homes.

HOA powers ecosystem

House of Assets’ native token HOA will power the whole ecosystem. This asset’s presale is coming up. Being among the early adopters might reap returns in the future.

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