Toekenz launches first NFT marketplace with strict parental control

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Toekenz Collectibles, a content and tech startup, is launching the first family-focused and child-safe NFT application, Invezz learned from a press release. It will become available in July, only by invitation.

The marketplace and platform will include blockchain-based communities, games, and digital collectibles focused on popular child and family brands.

Features of the Toekenz app  

The Toekenz app will feature a solid, unparalleled control set for parents, a marketplace for families to purchase and sell NFTs, the trademark Play-to-Collect gaming feature, and intuitive, child-friendly design.

There will also be another trademark feature – the so-called Learn-to-Earn curricula. Users of iOS and Android can download the app easily.

The robust controls will guarantee parents full monitoring and visibility. Toekenz Co-Founder and CEO Iris Ichishita commented:

Toekenz will change who has access to NFTs, lowering the barriers to entry for everyday families, making digital collectibles accessible, and equipping kids with new skills to navigate the metaverse as it evolves. I’m thrilled for my girls to build their first collections,” she said of her two children.

Neale Godfrey, Chairperson of the Children’s Financial Network and advisor to Toekenz Collectibles, added:

This is revolutionary. In addition to creating the world’s first NFT marketplace for kids, we’re also creating the world’s first intergenerational DAO! A place for kids to get involved with finance and democracy through NFTs.

Children and parents collect and win NFTs

Children and their parents can collect and win NFTs with high extrinsic value. The app manifests value derived from novel programs and online fan communities. Apart from valuable NFTs, Toekenz will give access to games with characters children are familiar with and like.

Susan Peia, licensing advisor to Toekenz Collectibles, stated:

We’re partnering with outstanding brands, which are hyper-relevant to families. Not only are we enabling kids to own a piece of what they love in a safe environment, but we’re enabling our license partners to build their first Web3 fan communities and engage their family audiences in truly meaningful ways.

Co-founder and Chairman of Toekenz Collectibles James Runnels is well aware of how critical safety is to parents. He assured Toekenz brought on Iris to create a high-quality, child-safe entryway into the metaverse.

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