Transgender teen earns $50 million by selling NFT artwork

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Cryptocurrencies aim to make the world decentralised and all-inclusive, regardless of anyone’s background. And thus far, we’ve observed excellent progress towards that aim.

Meanwhile, NFTs continue to prove their worth as one of the most desirable digital assets in the market. Individual collectors are still purchasing art despite the overall market collapse.

According to NBC News, 19-year-old transgender artist Victor Langlois made $50 million in less than a year by selling his NFT artwork.

His NFTs and actual artwork were auctioned off for $2.16 million at Christie’s in New York City the previous year, bringing him to prominence. “Hello, I’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS), and This Is My Life” is the collection’s title.

After achieving initial success with his NFT artwork, Langlois extended his career by selling other digital artwork. In April 2022, Langlois sold $20 million worth of digital artwork in a single day. This was the third-largest transaction on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway.

What’s the collection about?

The NFT collection portrays Victor’s life from the ages of 14 to 18 and describes the hardship of leaving his abusive home to live with his grandparents.

When he resided with his grandparents, he encountered the same unfortunate destiny. Victor said in an interview he did last year that he expected a better atmosphere, but everything remained the same as when he left home.

In addition, he described his problems with coming out as transgender and the statements his grandparents made when he engaged in artistic pursuits.

Her grandmother frequently criticised his artwork because she wanted him to pursue a career outside of the arts.

He also said that most of his artworks were created on his mobile device since he lacked access to drawing materials.

How are NFTs empowering the masses?

Artists who have embraced NFTs find it powerful, comparable to a new digital encounter in which they may create new aesthetics. In addition, NFT marketplaces provide artists with new possibilities to engage much more personally with a big audience.

Huge possibilities loom for everyone in the foreseeable future, creating a win-win situation for all parties.

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