Ukraine to launch an NFT collection to raise funds

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While the war-wracked Ukraine is still putting up a tough fight against Russia, the nation plans to use non-fungible tokens once again to gather funding for humanitarian needs.

According to the most recent announcement, the Zelenskiy NFT, a new digital art collection, will soon be presented to a large audience. The collection is the first NFT humanitarian effort established to benefit the Ukrainian people and the local landscape.

The IamUkraine studio initiated the concept to bring humanitarian relief to Ukraine via the use of creativity and digital art preserved through blockchain.

The Zelenskiy NFT collection was inspired by the Ukrainian people’s grit, unity, and spirit as the crisis unfolded. It consists of 10,000 distinct NFTs representing various facets of Zeleknskiy’s personality.

The project’s director Volodymyr Samoilenko mentioned: 

“We were very lucky to get support from the leading public persons and celebrities from sport, entertainment, and other areas. The Zelenskiy NFT collection will become a showpiece of the spirit of the Ukrainian people and the source of power and support. We see the vast amount of support as an extremely positive sign for us and the whole Ukrainian nation. We hope that their decisions become a reference point for thousands of other people from all over the world. Just imagine, what a significant positive impact we can put in action together!”

How did the Ukrainian government previously utilise NFTs?

In the past as well the Ukrainian government relied on NFTs to assist in funding its military operations in the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Mykhailo Fedorov, who heads the nation’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, announced in March that the government had launched 54 NFTs to generate awareness and funds to fight against the Russian soldiers that had invaded the country.

Before the launch of the NFT campaign, the government also raised $50 million worth of cryptocurrencies and received contributions from a range of participants globally.

It is abundantly evident that blockchain technology has been of great assistance to war-torn Ukraine, and it may continue to be of use in the days and weeks to come.

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