Ducati Releases NFT Collection On XRP Ledger

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ducati releases nft collection on xrp ledger
ducati releases nft collection on xrp ledger 3

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has launched its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in partnership with the XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain. The collection features a montage of Ducati’s emblem designs throughout the years.

While Ducati has long had an online presence, this marks the company’s first foray into the world of Web3 and decentralized technologies. The NFT collection represents Ducati’s initial step in exploring how blockchain can provide value to the brand and its community of enthusiasts.

As per Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali, their foray into Web3 represents a means of drawing nearer to the Ducatisti community by expanding the range of services available to them. He views the NFT collection as a chance to engage with and introduce themselves to a fresh community of NFT enthusiasts, as stated in TheNewsCrypto’s report.

The Ducati Emblem NFT Collection

The initial NFT drop features a video montage of Ducati’s emblems spanning from 1946 to the present day. Registration for the collection opened on July 26 and remained open for one week. Early adopters of the NFTs will gain preferential access to future Ducati drops.

Ducati CEO Domenicali says the collection represents the “natural evolution of the brand’s digital strategy.” While not providing specifics, Ducati indicates it will expand its Web3 efforts by developing additional digital spaces, NFT collections, and “other possibilities” over the coming months.

Why Use XRP Ledger?

Ducati chose to partner with XRPL for its speed, low costs, and environmental sustainability. Ripple touts XRPL as a “carbon-negative blockchain” due to its energy efficiency compared to energy-intensive proof-of-work networks like Bitcoin.

XRPL transactions also settle in just seconds, making it well suited for quick, low-cost microtransactions. Compared to Ethereum‘s average gas fees of $3-5 per transaction, XRP transaction fees are measured in fractions of a cent.

While the details of Ducati and Ripple’s partnership have not been disclosed, Ripple indicated the collaboration shows “how forward-thinking brands are exploring creative ways to utilize the XRPL blockchain.” For Ducati, the NFT collection represents an experiment in leveraging emerging technologies to deepen its connection with customers.

Whether Ducati releases additional NFTs and expands its Web3 strategy remains to be seen. But the initial collection shows how long-established brands are beginning to tap into blockchain’s potential to create new opportunities for engagement and monetization.

As Web3 technologies mature, expect to see more traditional brands launching NFT collections, community DAOs, and metaverse experiences to remain relevant in the shifting digital landscape.

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