Chancer token prediction amid a craze for blockchain and P2P betting markets | Invezz

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chancer token prediction amid a craze for blockchain and p2p betting markets | invezz


Betting has come a long way, growing with technology and giving users better and enriched forms to participate in their favorite games and earn. But amidst these changes, the investor’s position hasn’t been strongly emphasized as they have to play by the rules and odds of the bookmaker. Chancer is filling this gap by enabling investors to build P2P markets and set their betting rules and odds. The token currently in presale has witnessed strong demand, raising over $254K within a week. 

The growth of blockchain casinos 

Predictive markets are among the fastest growing. Even with the economic slowdowns brought by COVID-19 and the economic tightening, investors were pouring billions into betting. Grand View Research expects the global sports betting market, one of the most popular, to reach more than $182.12 billion by revenues in 2030. The market was valued at $83.65 billion in 2022. 

Despite the robust and growing market, betting has faced its fair challenges. Bettors have complained of enormous transaction fees, account limitations, and lack of flexibility. To address these challenges, newbies with a blockchain approach are coming up and quickly generating enthusiasm. But bettors considering betting as an investment are getting served better in P2P platforms like Chancer. That explains the robust presale as the platform endears to join the betting world and revolutionize investors’ earnings.

How does Chancer work?

If you have ever heard of peer-to-peer markets, then Chancer operates in a similar model. It means being able to bet with or against your peers and earning from it. 

As a snapshot, Chancer is a blockchain-based predictive markets platform that launched its presale on June 13th, 2023. Chancer lets individuals create their own betting markets through a secure decentralized platform. Bettors can create a P2P market on anything. Then, the bettor can invite friends, families, and people worldwide to participate in their P2P market. Users can also join P2P markets created by others. 

For each P2P market, bettors play under their own rules, including the odds and how to claim the winnings. That makes Chancer a uniquely crafted platform for bettors who want flexibility while enjoying the advantages of fast execution and low fees through blockchain-based applications. As such, Chancer will run on the BSC Chain to give investors the blockchain touch of P2P betting. 

Investing in CHANCER for a 10x return and passive income

Chancer is not merely a betting platform. It is an investment opportunity, encompassing numerous ways to earn. The first is the $CHANCER token, which is the currency to facilitate transactions and incentivize users on the Chancer platform. With increasing token subscriptions at presale, it could be a 10x investment as the demand for P2P betting increases. The return could easily be hit in 2024 as the mainnet launches in the first quarter.

Using the $CHANCER token also allows the holder to contribute to the platform and earn rewards. Users earn market-making rewards for creating the Chancer markets and for placing successful betting outcomes. Other ways to earn include staking $CHANCER and sharing the platform. To make the platform more lucrative, there are discounted fees for creating and participating in Chancer markets. 

Should you buy $CHANCER in the presale?

Presales could be the ideal moment to invest in newly launched tokens as the prices are still very low. It allows the investors to benefit from an early price increase and get maximum returns. As such, $CHANCER presents an early opportunity when the price is as little as 0.01 BUSD. Also, investing in the presale means early access to the platform and its rewards. One has developed enough knowledge to participate and earn by the time the main platform launches.


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