Cryptocurrencies under $1 to help you diversify on a budget

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TRON TRX/USD, Cronos CRO/USD, and Algorand ALGO/USD are some of the best cryptocurrencies that you can get for under $1.

USDD, the stablecoin that runs on top of the Tron blockchain, was officially listed on Bitkan on June 28, 2022. added new leveraged trading pairs for margin trading on June 29, 2022, including GAL/USDT, UNFI/USDT, GLMR/USDT, AUDIO/USDT, RSR/USDT, and SPELL/USDT. 

The Algorand Foundation also announced the Community All-hands event, which features several rising stars projects from the AlgoNFT ecosystem, such as the Tiger Chi Club. 

Should you buy TRON (TRX)?

On June 29, 2022, TRON (TRX) had a value of $0.06588.

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The all-time high for TRON (TRX )was on June 5, 2018, at $0.231673.

When we look at its performance in May, TRON (TRX) had its lowest point of value on May 1 at $0.06255. However, its highest point of value was on May 8 at $0.08931.

Here we can see an increase in value by $0.02676 or by 42%.

With this in mind, we can expect TRX to reach $0.1 by the end of July 2022, making it a solid cryptocurrency to buy.

Should you buy Cronos (CRO)?

On June 29, 2022, Cronos (CRO) had a value of $0.1188.

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Going over its all-time high, Cronos (CRO), Cronos reached its ATH on November 24, 2021, at a value of $0.965407.

When we look at how the cryptocurrency performed last month, Cronos (CRO) had its highest point of value on May 1 at $0.3564. Its lowest point was on May 27 at $0.1661.

Here, we can see that the cryptocurrency decreased in value by $0.1903 or 53%.

However, at $0.1188, CRO is a solid buy as the cryptocurrency can climb to $0.3 by the end of July 2022.

Should you buy Algorand (ALGO)?

On June 29, 2022, Algorand (ALGO) had a value of $0.3087.

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Looking at the cryptocurrency’s all-time high, Algorand (ALGO) reached the highest point of value on June 20, 2019, at $3.56.

Taking a look at the token’s performance throughout the previous month, Algorand (ALGO) had its highest point of value on May 8 at $0.7792.

When we look at its lowest point of value, it was on May 29 at $0.3549. This marked a decrease of $0.4243 or 54%.

Algorand is still one of the most prominent projects within the crypto space, and as such, the ALGO cryptocurrency can reach a value of $0.5 by the end of July, making it a solid buy.

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