Unizen Trade Aggregator v1: enabling web3 interface for the cross-chain universe

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Smart CeDeFi ecosystem Unizen on September 30 announced the release of the first iteration of the Unizen Trade Aggregator called Unizen Trade Aggregator v1.

Unizen had worked on the aggregator for the last two years as it pursued its mission of enabling a Web3 interface for a cross-chain universe while making digital assets more accessible to everyone.

Chief Executive Officer Sean Noga through a medium post said:

“With the release of version 1, we’ve laid the foundation of the Trade Aggregator’s core mechanics: enabling access to thousands of digital assets across seven blockchains and 70 DEX’s — all through a single, easy-to-use interface that should be easily recognizable by most users. Overcoming this technological hurdle was without a doubt the hard part. Which also explains why we’re the only trade application in the world that has done this.”

Enabling access to crypto assets across blockchains and DEXes

By launching the aggregator, Unizen definitely broke new ground in enabling a true cross-chain enabled, decentralized exchange that allows users to find the most cost-efficient trades for thousands of digital assets.

With Unizen Trade Aggregator, decentralized finance (DeFi) participants will not have to hop from one DEX to another to access certain digital assets. Users will also be able to trade across different blockchains without needing to look for different blockchain bridges further protecting users from exposure to phishing attacks.

Unizen Trade Aggregator users will also not need to go to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to collect token information since it will be easily available on the aggregator.

Unizen intends to continue improving on its first aggregator version by introducing more features and functionalities to set it apart from competitors.

The CEO said:

“We will continue to add on data sources, liquidity pools, and supported assets. We will also introduce trade splitting across liquidity pools and blockchains in a few weeks. In addition to that, we will look to introduce CEX aggregation, stop-loss, custom liquidity pools, professional technical analysis tools, more unique trading insights, fiat conversions, token burns, and furthering ZCX’s utility — this list can be made longer.”

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