Genesis Digital Assets Opens 3 New Bitcoin Mining Centers in South Carolina

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genesis digital assets opens 3 new bitcoin mining centers in south carolina
genesis digital assets opens 3 new bitcoin mining centers in south carolina 3

Genesis Digital Assets (GDA), a major bitcoin mining company, has opened three new data centers for bitcoin mining in western South Carolina. The new facilities mark an expansion of GDA’s mining operations in the United States.

The three data centers are located in Anderson and Pacolet in South Carolina. One of the centers near Anderson has a capacity of 18 megawatts. The facilities will utilize renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power, as part of GDA’s commitment to sustainable crypto mining, as reported by TheBlock.

GDA is ramping up its presence across America, with the country now contributing 2% of Bitcoin‘s total computing power. The new data centers align with GDA’s goals of expanding its mining fleet using clean energy.

Adding Clean Energy Mining Capacity

Andrey Kim, CEO of Genesis Digital Assets, said the launch of the new data centers fits the company’s pledge to grow its operations using renewable power. He said GDA aims to demonstrate Bitcoin mining can adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

The push towards greener crypto mining comes as the industry faces increased scrutiny over fossil fuel usage. GDA said its objective is to be a leader in sustainable mining by leveraging sources like solar, wind and hydropower.

The South Carolina facilities specifically will tap into the state’s hydroelectric energy resources. This allows GDA to scale up its computing power for securing the Bitcoin network while minimizing environmental impact.

Part of Broader US Expansion Efforts

The company said the new bitcoin mining centers represent continued progress in its broader strategy to expand in the United States. GDA noted America currently contributes only 2% of Bitcoin’s total hash rate.

GDA has been constructing and planning new mining farms across strategically selected sites in the US and Canada. The South Carolina launches demonstrate the company’s commitment to growth in North America leveraging clean energy.

Overall, GDA now operates 20 mining facilities globally across North America, Europe, and Central Asia. The company has amassed over 400 megawatts in total power capacity as it scales up operations.

Meeting Demand for New Mining Capacity

The new data centers will help GDA meet mining sector demand for additional capacity as competition heats up. The facilities provide necessary infrastructure for GDA’s specialized mining computers.

With Bitcoin’s network difficulty continuing to hit all-time highs, efficient mining operations are imperative for profitability. GDA’s access to renewable energy sources also gives it a competitive edge.

Major mining companies like GDA have been rapidly expanding facilities and hashing power to maximize output. The launches in South Carolina will aid GDA in boosting its Bitcoin production.

Demonstrating Sustainable Crypto Mining

As one of the largest Bitcoin mining firms globally, GDA’s commitment to renewable energy sets an important example for the wider industry. With crypto mining under scrutiny, GDA aims to show Bitcoin can scale sustainably.

The company said its long-term vision encompasses pioneering ecologically-sound mining techniques. In addition to hydroelectricity, GDA taps solar, wind, and other renewables across its operations.

By adopting clean power sources, GDA believes Bitcoin mining can grow responsibly and become a model for eco-friendly blockchain networks. Its expansion in South Carolina provides a tangible demonstration of this green mining future.

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