Kromatika expands Chainlink integration to Polygon

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Kromatika, a decentralized trading protocol enabling crypto traders to execute limit orders on top of the Uniswap DEX, announced an expanded integration with Chainlink Keepers, Invezz learned from a press release. The integration has been expanded to the Polygon Mainnet (MATIC/USD).

Kromatika users on the Polygon Mainnet can take advantage of on-chain limit orders, which are executed automatically on preset terms, supported by Chainlink (LINK/USD) oracle nodes’ robust decentralized network.

Becoming a leading DEX on Ethereum

Kromatika intends to become a leading DEX across the Ethereum (ETH/USD) ecosystem by offering users the top experience and functionality available in Web3. This practically means that they can trade with zero slippage, zero frontrunning bots, and no swap fees.

Kromatika can offer hundreds of thousands of new users on the Polygon network limit order functionality at a low cost and lightning speed now that they have expanded their Chainlink Keepers integration.

According to a statement by the Kromatika team:

As a blockchain-agnostic decentralized oracle network, Chainlink helps us move fast toward our goal of bringing the Kromatika experience to the entire Ethereum ecosystem. Limit orders are a staple in traditional finance, and we’re excited to finally bring them to Polygon.

Tomasz Wojewoda, Head of Global Sales at Chainlink Labs, added:

Chainlink empowers DeFi protocols to build innovative products and expand their user bases across the multi-chain ecosystem. Limit orders are a fundamental exchange feature, and Kromatika’s integration of Chainlink Keepers on Polygon brings this capability to a host of new users.

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