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Crypto exchange has listed the native token in the decentralised finance ecosystem DeFiChain.

As noted in a press release sent to Invezz, the listing and trading of DFI on went live on 26 September 26 10 am UTC. The cryptocurrency exchange will initially offer a USDT trading pair, with the DFI-BTC pair set for support later.

Support for DFI on is another milestone for DFI as it becomes available on more cryptocurrency exchanges. Top crypto exchanges and trading platforms that offer DFI trading pairs, include Huobi (support added in July), KuCoin and Bybit.

Using DFI on

DeFiChain is a unique project, a pioneering blockchain in the quest to offer seamless access to decentralised assets on the world’s largest Proof of Work blockchain Bitcoin.

On DeFiChain, users can enjoy all the benefits of decentralised finance, which includes minting new decentralised tokens, dTokens, and trading within the growing DeFi ecosystem. ( Find more about dTokens here and here.)

Once a user buys DFI on, they can transfer them to any compatible wallet, and continue to benefit from its use across the ecosystem.

Although mainly used for transaction fees and governance mechanisms, crypto traders can also leverage the DFI token to mint or lend stock tokens among other functionality such as liquidity pools and staking.

Notably, users can use dTokens to access price exposure of assets such as equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Fractional purchases of dTokens is also available on the DeFiChain DEX.

The DeFiChain project launched its mainnet in May 2020.

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