Metacade investors count profits as MCADE surges to $0.04

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metacade investors count profits as mcade surges to $0.04


It is now barely a month after the Metacade presale was concluded and the MCADE token price has assumed a bullish trajectory after a slight pullback. The MCADE token is now trading 81% higher than where it was at the time the presale was ending.

When the presale ended, investors were sceptical of a major MCADE bull run especially after the listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Uniswap decentralized exchange failed to result in any major price movement.

BitMart listing flipped the situation

BitMart was the first centralized cryptocurrency exchange to list MCADE. At the time, some investors seemed to disperse since the coin had slipped below $0.015.

However, some still held the hopes that listing on centralized exchanges would offer more impetus to the MCADE price than the DEX listing. A majority of investors actually believed that a breakout was imminent once MCADE was listed on BitMart. And true to the convictions of many, MCADE’s price started to rise almost immediately after it was listed on BitMart.

At press time Metacade (MCADE) was trading at $0.04 and seemed extremely bullish seeing that it had surged by 31.04% in the last 24 hours. It has hit a daily high of $0.04229.

Upcoming listing on MEXC Global

According to the information on Metacade’s official website, the MCADE token is expected to list on MEXC Global on May 4, 2023, which is only a matter of hours away.

While the current price rally is partly due to the listing on BitMart, the hype around the upcoming MEXC Global has played a part. At the current rate, the Metacade price is expected to surge above $0.25 by the end of 2023 after it lists on MEXC Global.

Is Metacade a good investment?

Well, investing in cryptocurrencies carries a lot of risks especially owing to the high market volatility and increase in scam projects. While the Metacade project ticks the legit project checkbox, its native token, the MCADE falls under cryptocurrencies and its price movements are still affected by market volatility.

Apart from looking for a legit project to invest in, there are many other factors that an investor considers before making up his or her mind on whether to invest in any project. One of those factors is the uptake of a project’s products into the market.

So, far, the MCADE token, just like the Metacade platform has gained a lot of popularity among crypto investors, crypto traders, and blockchain game developers and investors. The mere fact that crypto investors turned up in large numbers to purchase the MCADE token during the presale shows investors have confidence in the entire Metacade project.

Those who invested in the MCADE during the Metacade presale are now counting profits since the token has gained more than 81% after the presale ended; meaning even those who purchased the token during the last presale stage are in profits.

Most importantly, MCADE holders can now trade the token on a centralized exchange, BirMart, and very soon also on MEXC Global.

Metacade project roadmap

In addition to the listing on crypto exchanges, Metacade has already earned itself its first partnership, the partnership with Metastudio, which is a revolutionary gaming company focused on delivering exciting, avant-garde, and fresh mobile games to the Metacade arcade.

According to Metacade’s whitepaper, Metacade is expected to gain further CEX listings, add more partnerships with play-to-earn projects, launch more gaming community giveaways and competitions, and launch a universal online hangout for all things GameFi and P2E in Q2, 2023.

As a result, the demand for MCADE, which is the utility token on Metacade, will skyrocket possibly sending the token’s price through the roof.


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