Pi Network has unveiled the winners of its Q1 hackathon

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pi network makes progress ahead of pi day event in march


Pi Network, a leading player in the crypto industry, unveiled the list of the first quarter hackathon that took place between January 1 and March 5. The highly successful hackathon had over 360 official entries and more than 6,700 participants from around the world.

The winners of this hackathon were developers in various industries. Polls for Pi is a polling dApp that makes it possible for members of the community to participate in polls. In a statement, the Pi team credited the team for building a simple and easy-to-use dApp for the community.

The Other winner of the hackathon are Coinscro, an escrow system and dispute resolution platform. The developers hope that this platform will help to build trust in peer-to-peer transactions in the network. Piketplace and Connect Social were the other projects that won during the hackathon. In a statement, the founder and head of product at Pi Network said: 

“The Pi Core team was encouraged by not only the hundreds of submitted projects—including apps for social media, marketplaces, block explorers, games, and more—but also the tens of thousands of Pioneers who helped review each and every submission. This hackathon was a good reminder of what we know to be true: building the Pi ecosystem will take the entire community’s participation.”

Pi Network is a highly popular blockchain project that hopes to solve the biggest challenges in the crypto industry. For example, it makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone to mine Pi Coin. This coin is the one that will be used to handle transactions in the Pi ecosystem.

However, for now, holders of the Pi Coin cannot exchange them for fiat currencies like the US dollar, as I wrote here. The developers say that this is because it is currently in an enclosed mainnet and that the coin will be listed in exchanges in the near future. 

Early this year, several exchanges, including Huobi, made the controversial decision of listing Pi Coin derivatives, a move that was criticized by the developers.


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