Here’s where to buy Dogecoin as it rallies after Elon Musk bought Twitter shares

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The price of Dogecoin has been rising in the last three weeks and the bullish trend seems to have gathered momentum at the beginning of this week after Elon Musk, the single most popular person supporting Dogecoin, bought Twitter shares making him the largest Twitter shareholder.

Following the purchase of Twitter shares by Musk, people are expecting that there will be a possibility of Elon proposing $DOGE tips on Twitter.

To help investors and traders wanting to invest in Dogecoin, Invezz has created a brief article explaining what Dogecoin (DOGE) is and the best places where they can buy it from.

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Best places to buy Dogecoin (DOGE) online


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What is Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a meme coin that is based on the popular “doge” Internet meme and features a Shiba Inu on its logo. It was the first dog-themed cryptocurrency to be launched after which the likes of Shiba Inu (SHIB) were launched.

Dogecoin was actually created from a hard fork of Litecoin in December 2013 by Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon, and Jackson Palmer from Sydney, Australia.

Dogecoin’s founders foresaw it as a fun, light-hearted cryptocurrency that would have greater appeal beyond the core Bitcoin audience since it was based on a dog meme. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has fallen for the meme coin and he regularly tweets about it and he has also included it as a payment option for Tesla merchandise.

Should I buy $DOGE today?

If you are looking to invest in a popular meme coin, then the DOGE could be a good choice.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that buying the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile.

Dogecoin price prediction

The majority of analysts believe the Dogecoin price hike is a signal for a major bullish rally especially if Elon Musk proposes anything to do with Dogecoin integration on Twitter.

They predict that the coin could shoot back above $0.70 before the end of the second quarter of 2022.

$DOGE social media coverage

Elon Musk has purchased a massive 9.2% stake in Twitter making him the company’s largest public shareholder

– Free Speech and open dialogue
– Less crypto spam bots
– A #Dogecoin tip jar!

— 💸💸💸 (@itsALLrisky) April 4, 2022

I’ve got a funny feeling that Twitter is about to get a lot more fun with Elon Musk on board 👀#dogecoin #doge @elonmusk

— Sir Doge of the Coin 🇺🇦 🦊 (@dogeofficialceo) April 4, 2022

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