Ankr integrates Coinbase Wallet for liquid staking | Invezz

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ankr integrates coinbase wallet for liquid staking | invezz


Leading Web3 infrastructure provider, Ankr has announced support for Coinbase Wallet in liquid staking. As a result, it is now easy for Coinbase Wallet users to liquid stake on the Ankr platform and generates yield on their holdings in Web3 wallet.

Ankr integrates Coinbase Wallet in its liquid staking platform

It is vital to note that Coinbase Wallet connectivity is among the most on-demand features on Ankr Staking. With the integration, users can link their wallet with a Coinbase exchange account and to Ankr through Coinbase Pay.

Once promoted, users can get started by connecting the Coinbase Wallet browser extension to Ankr Staking. Interestingly, this is possible through mobile devices using the dApp browser in the Coinbase Wallet app. Additionally, users can conveniently track staked assets through Coinbase Wallet’s DeFi tab or Ankr Staking’s dashboard tab.

Ankr’s Product Head Josh Neuroth said:

Having the ability to connect a Coinbase Wallet was one of the most hotly requested features for Ankr Staking, and that’s a testament to how many people find the wallet useful for interacting with Web3 and DeFi every day. We always want to ensure our stakers are pleased while opening our earning solutions to as many new participants as possible.

The inbuilt dApp browser of Coinbase Wallet makes it simple for users to access DeFi protocols and leading dApps. In addition, it is helpful when selecting several networks to retain assets on, like Polygon or Ethereum, because it enables users to transfer, get, and link assets directly on the platform.

The Ankr platform supports nine tokens for staking

Currently, Ankr supports nine tokens for staking. Whereas Ankr (ANKR) and Gnosis (mGNO) tokens are used in staking, the platform supports Polygon (MATIC), Fantom (FTM), Ethereum (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX), and Binance Coin (BNB) for liquid staking.

The freshly issued liquid staking tokens are immediately transferred to the customer’s Coinbase Wallet by the Ankr Staking service. The liquid staking tokens offer stake benefits as balances increase each day. Stakers could also transfer staked tokens in their accounts to DeFi networks to increase their revenue with liquid mining prospects and farming rewards.

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