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which crypto should you buy today? experts share the top 12 best cryptos to buy now | invezz


Metacade (MCADE) – Revolutionizing the GameFi sectorMarket Cap: $10.2m in presaleWhat is Metacade?Why you should consider investing in MCADERisks of investing in MCADEAltSignals (ASI) – AI-powered trading signals leaderWhat is AltSignals?Why you should consider investing in ASIRisks of investing in ASIBinance Coin (BNB) – Centralized exchange-backed smart chain providerMarket Cap: $48.1 billionWhat is Binance Coin?Why you should consider investing  in BNBRisks of investing in BNBBitcoin (BTC) – Best digital currencyMarket Cap: $449.5 billionWhat is Bitcoin?Why you should consider investing  in BTCRisks of investing in BTCEthereum – Biggest blockchain providerMarket Cap: $198.5 billionWhat is Ethereum?Why you should consider investing  in ETHRisks of investing in ETHFilecoin (FIL) – Best file-sharing cryptocurrencyMarket Cap: $2.6 billionWhat is Filecoin?Why you consider investing in FILRisks of investing in FILChainlink (LINK) – Best crypto for on-chain dataMarket Cap: $3.7 billionWhat is Chainlink?Why you should consider investing in LINKRisks of investing in LINKRipple (XRP) – Best banking crypto coinMarket Cap: $19.2 billionWhat is XRP?Why you should consider investing in XRPRisks of investing in XRPDogecoin (DOGE) – Best meme coin to invest inMarket Cap: $10.8 billionWhy you should consider investing in DOGERisks of investing in DOGEShiba Inu (SHIB) – Ethereum meme coin cryptocurrencyMarket Cap: $6.8 billionWhat is Shiba Inu?Why you should consider investing in SHIBRisks of investing in SHIBCardano (ADA) – Scalable blockchain networkMarket Cap: $12.6 billionWhat is Cardano?Why you should consider investing in ADARisks of investing in ADASolana (SOL) – Thriving layer-1 blockchain protocolMarket Cap: $8.5 billionWhat is Solana?Why you should consider investing in SOLRisks of investing in SOLConclusion: What is the best crypto to buy now?Crypto FAQsWhat are cryptocurrencies?What is a crypto presale?Which crypto will explode in 2023?Which crypto to buy today for the short term?Which crypto has the best long-term potential?What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2023?

The bear market of 2022 saw the crypto asset markets battle uphill against a tidal wave of big-name collapses and difficult global economic conditions. Early signs are that 2023 will begin to see an easing of these harsh conditions and lead to several cryptocurrencies making some returns on the losses crypto assets suffered over the past 12 months.

With potential market recovery just around the corner, here are the 12 best cryptos to buy now:

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  • Metacade (MCADE)
  • AltSignals (ASI)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Filecoin (FIL)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Solana (SOL)

Metacade (MCADE) – Revolutionizing the GameFi sector

Market Cap: $10.2m in presale

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a brand-new online virtual gaming arcade that is revolutionizing how gaming enthusiasts access content while bringing them together with crypto enthusiasts under one hub. Metacade intends to build the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade in the world, opening the world of passive income to gamers who can earn as they play.

The exciting white paper, which sets out Metacade’s vision in detail, outlines the extensive rewards system open to users that extends beyond the usual P2E mechanics of other GameFi titles. For example, users gain rewards for posting social content to the community via the Create2Earn scheme. At the same time, MCADE coin holders can stake their holding as part of the Compete2Earn initiative in return for entry into online tournaments and prize draws.

Metacade’s outstanding attraction is that its platform caters to gamers of all types, from solo gamers who want to take on all-comers and battle their way up leaderboards to the casual gamers who take satisfaction in beating their friends in 1v1 beat-‘em-up duels.

Why you should consider investing in MCADE

MCADE is the native utility token that powers all activity on the platform. The coin comes with extensive built-in utility and excellent tokenomics that look set to push the value of MCADE upwards in the coming months and years as the expected user growth comes to fruition.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in MCADE is that the platform looks set to push development in the wider Web3.0 space forward through its pioneering Metagrants scheme, which rewards developers with crypto funding to support the creation of new addictive and exclusive games and the Work2Earn program that will open career opportunities to the MCADE community in the broader crypto development world.

The massive potential of Metacade has already attracted investors in their droves during the presale event, generating $10.2m in just 16 weeks. The current price of $0.017 looks severely undervalued, providing early investors with outstanding opportunities to make big gains in 2023.

Risks of investing in MCADE

There is a fixed supply of MCADE tokens available, and once Metacade’s rich bank of features reaches a broader audience, the demand for the remaining MCADE coins will likely surge. This insulates Metacade from most of the risks associated with crypto investments. However, MCADE will not be immune to general fluctuations in the  crypto market.

>>> You can participate in the Metacade presale here <<<

AltSignals (ASI) – AI-powered trading signals leader

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals was launched in 2017 and quickly became a market leader in providing trading signals on cryptocurrency prices and daily crypto trades. The platform will release its native ASI coin as it brings its ground-breaking AI-fuelled signals to the market.

The new development ActualizeAI will combine several AI-enabled technologies to provide its 50,000+ community access to the most up-to-date trading intel. Utilizing the vast power of machine learning, predictive modeling, and natural language processing (NLP), ActualizeAI will continuously scour markets 24/7 to bring the AltSignals community real-time market data to inform trading decisions.

All ASI coin holders will gain access to the AI Members Club, which provides members with early access to lucrative presale and trading opportunities across crypto markets.

Why you should consider investing in ASI

The ASI token presale launches in March at $0.012, representing one of the best-value ICOs of 2023. With AltSignals already enjoying the support of more than 50,000 community members and a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, it is a well-established platform that offers enormous growth potential to those that invest in ASI early.

The price of ASI will rise during the presale to $0.02274 after this its AI-enabled features should come to the attention of the wider crypto-buying public. AI is predicted to play a huge part in the future of crypto platforms, and platforms that utilize the promise early on stand to benefit immensely This makes AltSignals one of the best cryptos to buy today.

Risks of investing in ASI

Investing in any project, especially newer ones, is always fraught with some element of risk. However, with ASI, those risks are minimized by the low cost of the coin in presale, which mitigates the risk of substantial drops in value if the volatile crypto markets struggle again. 

>>> You can participate in the AltSignals presale here <<<

Binance Coin (BNB) – Centralized exchange-backed smart chain provider

Market Cap: $48.1 billion

What is Binance Coin?

Binance coin (BNB) is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin and Binance is the largest centralized crypto exchange, playing host to the most global trading transactions. More recently, Binance has spent significant time and money diversifying its offering, producing its own blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain, fuelled by the native token, BNB.

Binance’s Smart Chain has come a long way at a rapid pace thanks to the backing of Binance and offers a more centralized blockchain service than most of its competitors, such as Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana. The benefit of this offering can be found in the speedy block resolution times Binance Smart Chain achieves and transaction fees as low as $0.02 per transaction.

Why you should consider investing  in BNB

The BNB coin powers everything in Binance’s ecosystem, including the Binance Smart Chain. Coin holders can also stake their BNB holding, gaining the opportunity to make their money work for them and also support transactions on the platform. With a secure, low-cost, energy-efficient route to market open to developers, the BNB native currency could continue growing and offer superb returns for investors in the future.

Indeed, Binance Smart Chain is helping to stimulate growth across several Web3 industries, particularly with an increasing number of new projects choosing their blockchain thanks to low transaction and gas fees supporting smart contracts.

Risks of investing in BNB

Binance already enjoys a high market capitalization. Although its foray into the blockchain world makes it an attractive prospect for investors, it also increases the level of competition it receives. This increases the risk of devaluing BNB if competitors outmaneuver them in the exchange or blockchain markets or wider market volatility wiping billions from the coin value.

Bitcoin (BTC) – Best digital currency

Market Cap: $449.5 billion

What is Bitcoin?

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and continues to define the  crypto industry today. It has continued to defy the odds, growing in popularity and value, to become the weather vane by which crypto market health is measured.

Bitcoin uses blockchain to record and verify transactions. It is a ‘peer-to-peer’ payment system that acts without the intervention of a central financial authority, such as a bank, with all transactions verified by a network of computers known as nodes.

There is a limited supply of 21 million Bitcoin tokens, and this scarcity has driven BTC’s price up incomparably over the years. As well as a digital currency, Bitcoin is often compared to digital gold, thanks to its potential to guard against inflation.

Why you should consider investing  in BTC

Bitcoin is the most valuable coin on crypto markets by a considerable distance and looks set to remain so in the long term. With other crypto assets markets still in their relative infancy, there’s no knowing how much they might grow or not  in the coming years.

With Bitcoin’s place as the biggest currency assured, it remains one of the best crypto options for investors seeking returns since any improvement in market conditions will be led by a surge in the price of Bitcoin.

Risks of investing in BTC

The most significant risk of investing in Bitcoin is that the currency is a tradeable asset not tied to a stablecoin or important fiat currency such as USD. At the current time, Bitcoin is not regulated, and there is no central body helping it retain its value. If the market decides there is no longer any value in BTC, the coin can become worthless overnight.

Ethereum – Biggest blockchain provider

Market Cap: $198.5 billion

What is Ethereum?

The second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum is the world’s largest provider of blockchain space to other crypto projects, playing host to a vast range of dApps (decentralized applications), including DeFi projects, NFTs, exchanges, and GameFi platforms. It uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to meet the enormous range of use cases outlined above.

After initially working on the costly, slow, and inefficient proof-of-work consensus mechanism, Ethereum reacted to competitive advances in the space by transitioning to a proof-of-stake model, using the ETH token to validate transactions. While this significantly improved Ethereum’s blockchain service, further releases are due in 2023 to ward off other threats from competitor blockchains that offer greater scalability and lower transaction fees than Ethereum can offer.

Why you should consider investing  in ETH

Ethereum’s place as the market leader in blockchain provision looks to be cemented in the medium to long term, particularly with more and more global behemoths using the network as the basis for their moves into the crypto world.

So long as Ethereum continues to make good on its promises by upgrading its blockchain, offering lower transaction fees, greater capacity, and faster transactions, there could be significant wriggle room for that vast market cap to go much higher.

Risks of investing in ETH

One of the greatest strengths of Ethereum, its high market cap, is also one of its greatest risks. Projects with high market caps regularly experience lower levels of growth than newer, less highly valued projects. Investors, therefore, could see more limited returns on investment in ETH than they may receive from another blockchain provider.

Filecoin (FIL) – Best file-sharing cryptocurrency

Market Cap: $2.6 billion

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network seeking to compete with the global tech giants of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft and their near-monopoly on centralized file storage solutions.

Filecoin’s decentralized solution allows files to be stored securely online without needing a centralized provider and allows easy file sharing between approved users. The benefits for users are significant, with scalable storage solutions available at a fraction of the cost of using a centralized provider.

The project provides economic incentives for users that follow the rules and handle nearly 500 petabytes of data for clients, making it the leading Web3.0 file storage cryptocurrency currently on the market.

Why you consider investing in FIL

The native FIL token is an excellent example of a cryptocurrency fuelling a particular crypto market need. Already a brilliant example of the decentralized internet, the use case for Filecoin is highly compelling. This niche, and the relatively modest market cap, provide plenty of space for growth in the next few years, making FIL one of the best crypto investment options to buy today.

Investors gain immense utility when they purchase FIL coins, making it a more attractive investment option than several currencies that enjoy higher market caps. This makes it one of the best Web3 coins available right now.

Risks of investing in FIL

Filecoin is still a relatively new coin, and with that comes a level of volatility that more established projects are immune to. Many investors will wait before investing in FIL until the technology is fully assured and a more significant number of users take advantage of Filecoin’s storage options. Until that happens, there is a risk that confidence in Filecoin may slip, leading to a considerable loss in value.

Market Cap: $3.7 billion

Chainlink is a crypto project that uses its native LINK token to incentivize its nodes to provide transparency and enable smart contracts to access data from the outside world. This functionality is increasingly important for the crypto community, particularly decentralized apps, and has been central to Chainlink forming new partnerships in vast numbers compared with any other project.

Containing some of the best crypto fundamentals in the marketplace, the token is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Still, it can easily interact with several other chains that enables developers to make the transfer of data a seamless operation.

The increasing number of projects looking to partner with Chainlink to gain access to greater levels of blockchain data and increase the transparent transfer of smart contracts is making Chainlink’s technology a must-have. The increasing use case for the technology shows that there looks to be space for growth in the project’s market cap.

In addition, Chainlink is rolling out the staking capability to LINK token holders, allowing them to earn crypto rewards while validating and securing transactions on the network. This is another serious feather in Chainlink’s cap and adds value to its investment proposition.

Although Chainlink is an established crypto project with an excellent use case currently, particularly in its partnership with SWIFT, Chainlink is at risk of being outgunned by competitors as the fistfight for TradFi partnerships grows. Market saturation is another potential risk to the value of LINK in the next few years, meaning that Chainlink has to remain ahead of the game to ensure its place as one of the best cryptos to invest in.

Ripple (XRP) – Best banking crypto coin

Market Cap: $19.2 billion

What is XRP?

Ripple is a long-established company in the financial sector after launching in 2012. It uses its RippleNet platform with decentralized protocols and  enables international payments across borders using its token XRP. It aims to establish itself as a long-term  rival to the standard SWIFT international transaction system currently used worldwide. This is because of its rapid TPS and low cost gas fees.

To this end, Ripple has the backing of several high-profile international financial institutions, including the Bank of England, Bank of Canada, and Santander, who have been impressed with the speed and low transaction cost that Ripple allows. With the native XRP token enabling a vast volume of global transactions at low cost, Ripple is a high-potential project that could go global quickly.

Why you should consider investing in XRP

Ripple is currently the focus of a lawsuit brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) focusing on the validity of XRP as a decentralized finance project. While this ongoing lawsuit has held prices lower than some other DeFi projects, the continuing backing of big-name global finance is a big tick in Ripple’s favor.

This makes XRP a potentially rich investment opportunity should the court ruling favor them. The lawsuit’s outcome is expected later in 2023, making this the perfect time for investors to get their hands on XRP coins to add to their crypto portfolio at a low price before it potentially explodes in the coming months.

Risks of investing in XRP

Of course, on the flip side, XRP is at substantial risk of collapse – or, at the very least, a significant devaluation if the SEC legal challenge is successful and Ripple becomes the focus of strict regulation. Investors have a big decision to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether or not XRP is worth the risk.

Dogecoin (DOGE) – Best meme coin to invest in

Market Cap: $10.8 billion

Dogecoin established itself as the original meme coin and was initially launched as an amusing antidote to the serious world of Bitcoin. The joke has gotten serious in recent years as Dogecoin has climbed into the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap, gaining some big-name support in the shape of Twitter and Tesla supremo Elon Musk.

Many, including Musk, believe that Dogecoin could become an alternative means of payment and provide smart contract validation services shortly. One of Dogecoin’s huge positives is the vast, friendly, and welcoming online community that makes it an enjoyable and safe online space to explore the rich world of crypto.

Why you should consider investing in DOGE

DOGE has performed spectacularly well for a project with such little inbuilt utility. Granted, the backing of one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential entrepreneurs has done Dogecoin’s reputation little harm. However, the biggest reason to invest in DOGE is that with a few technical advances, an array of new use cases for the coin opens up.

With the backing of big names and a terrific supportive and passionate community, the sky could be the limit for DOGE if it chooses to branch beyond the meme coin offering.

Risks of investing in DOGE

Meme coins have a history of reacting with volatility to shifts in the market, and DOGE is no exception. With little concrete evidence of development in the Dogecoin ecosystem, a limitless supply of tokens having a deflationary impact on the value of DOGE, and very low token utility, DOGE’s lack of progress is its greatest threat.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Ethereum meme coin cryptocurrency

Market Cap: $6.8 billion

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a meme coin that took inspiration from Dogecoin and has created its dedicated community of supporters. Unlike DOGE, Shiba Inu is showing concrete signs of increasing the utility of its native SHIB token by moving it towards becoming a governance token and building an infrastructure that enables users to stake coins in its DeFi app.

This has swiveled several seasoned investors, usually wary of meme coins, to reconsider the value of SHIB, particularly given its performance during 2022’s crypto winter. After holding its own through the recent bear market, SHIB is firmly established as a top 20 crypto project by market cap.

Why you should consider investing in SHIB

Members of the SHIB community argue that the value of the SHIB coin is significantly undervalued, particularly given its move away from simply being a meme coin and building serious utility into its value. They indeed argue that the value of SHIB remains low, even as the market cap increases.

Shiba Inu benefits from the security provided by being built on Ethereum’s proof-of-stake blockchain, meaning that confidence could grow in its DeFi solution leading to potentially considerable rises in value.

Risks of investing in SHIB

In contrast to the confidence shown by fans of Shiba Inu, skeptics point to the fact that the meme coin tag is notoriously tricky to shake off. Although Shiba Inu hopes their transition into the DeFi market will help rid them of this label, it remains to be seen whether investors and crypto markets agree.

Cardano (ADA) – Scalable blockchain network

Market Cap: $12.6 billion

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a blockchain built by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson as a response to some of the perceived shortcomings of Ethereum, such as high transaction costs, low capacity, and lack of scalability. The result is a highly researched and peer-reviewed blockchain that has gone a long way to solving these problems.

Cardano’s two-tier architecture allows the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) to host dApps and the Cardano Computation Layer (CCL) to concentrate on processing transactions. Consequently, transaction speeds are much quicker, costs are significantly lower, and Cardano can process many more transactions per second than Ethereum.

Why you should consider investing in ADA

Scalability of blockchain provision is a growing requirement for crypto projects, old and new, and Cardano has quickly built a loyal supporter base since launching. It is one of the most active layer-1 blockchains for dApps and hosts projects from meme coins to DeFi solutions.

Despite Ethereum’s recent upgrades, Cardano remains one of the best options for scalability, cost-effectiveness, and speed on the market, making it ripe for expansion in the blockchain sector.

Risks of investing in ADA

There are some heady threats to the price of ADA on the horizon, most notably the continuing development and impending release of new features on Ethereum this year that could challenge Cardano’s status as one of the most flexible blockchain platforms.

Solana (SOL) – Thriving layer-1 blockchain protocol

Market Cap: $8.5 billion

What is Solana?

Solana is a layer-1 blockchain provider established as a challenger to Ethereum’s sector dominance. In contrast to Cardano, Solana’s most significant difference from Ethereum lies in their pioneering use of proof-of-history consensus alongside proof-of-stake.

This provides additional transparency to transaction validations and has proven to be faster, cheaper, more energy efficient, and with a vastly greater transactional capacity than other blockchain providers.

Why you should consider investing in SOL

The native SOL coin powers Solana’s platform and has helped Solana become the go-to platform for the burgeoning digital real estate and metaverse sectors. While Ethereum still holds the greatest market share, Solana is a compelling alternative for newer projects seeking more cost-effective places to get their projects off the ground.

As these new projects mature, investors can expect the price of SOL to push forward while raising the market cap significantly past the $10 billion mark and beyond.

Risks of investing in SOL

One of the biggest issues that have held Solana back from overcoming Cardano as Ethereum’s most prominent rival as a layer-1 provider is the poor levels of network connectivity. Several system outages have been reported, while the system regularly has to be stopped to allow maintenance. The longer these issues continue, the greater the impact on the ability of SOL to reach new heights.

Conclusion: What is the best crypto to buy now?

Although it is still early in 2023, this could be the year where some of the most established projects return to making their investors good profit levels. However, a new kid on the block, Metacade, looks set to outperform its more established rivals with its rich potential and low-value presale already attracting investors by the thousands.

With enormous inbuilt utility in the MCADE coin, a rich and diverse offering to investors, and the potential to lead the GameFi sector for years to come, it’s easy to see why analysts are tipping MCADE to be the highest-performing coin in 2023.

Crypto FAQs

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that are verified through the use of encryption. This enables secure currency transactions to take place on blockchains with the validation of a network of computers. Cryptocurrencies can be traded online via both exchanges and are usually decentralized, meaning they remain uncontrolled by a central body such as a bank or government.

What is a crypto presale?

Often known as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a crypto presale allows new projects to raise funds by selling their coin to a select group of investors at a reduced, fixed price. The funds raised support the project’s development and reward investors with potential profits when the coin is listed on public crypto decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Which crypto will explode in 2023?

Newer crypto projects have greater scope to explode in 2023, given that they have much lower market caps than more established projects. Metacade and AltSignals are excellent examples of new cryptocurrency projects that could reward investors by the end of 2023 and far beyond.

Which crypto to buy today for the short term?

Metacade is a project that could produce excellent short-term results thanks to its fixed token supply and low presale price. ASI also looks like a very good option for investors looking for a short-term return thanks to its use of AI technology.

Which crypto has the best long-term potential?

Crypto markets are evolving rapidly, with new projects springing up regularly. However, investors looking at the longer term could strike rich with Metacade’s excellent plans to propel it to the forefront of the growing GameFi sector for years to come.

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2023?

The best cryptocurrency project to invest in this year is that which offers entry at the lowest price yet contains the most growth potential. New projects such as Metacade and AltSignals are ideal examples of excellent crypto investments in 2023.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.


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