Moelis launches dedicated blockchain advisory group

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moelis headquarters are in new york

Moelis & Company (NYSE: MC), a top global investment bank founded in 2007 by billionaire investor Ken Moelis, has announced a dedicated blockchain advisory group targeted at advancing global integration and adoption of blockchain technology.

The company’s Global Blockchain Group aims to achieve this goal via bespoke advisory services. 

But apart from advising blockchain companies, the group will also coordinate with Moelis’ global partners in assessing the growing opportunities within the nascent industry. 

As such, the group’s activities will also seek to promote development projects initiated by blockchain-focused corporations as well as crypto startups looking to advance into Web3, according to details shared in a press release.

Moelis co-founder John Momtazee will lead the advisory initiative.

Tapping into blockchain opportunities

In their announcement published 25 July, Moelis says the launch of the advisory effort demonstrates the company’s commitment towards its clients. It’s a view Momtazee reiterated in a comment, noting that the initiative will help clients tap into the opportunities available in the blockchain ecosystem. 

The “senior-level counsel” the group will offer will be crucial to this objective, even as crypto battles through the crypto winter.

Despite the current volatility, we see strong long-term prospects for its application and an increasing need for high quality strategic advice, sources of capital to fund growth and liability management solutions.”

Momtazee noted that the sector has grown rapidly over the last few years, with more than 50 unicorns and multiple decacorns already in the space. Investments have also been on the upside, illustrated by capital venture funding of nearly $20 billion in 2021 alone.

The Global Blockchain Group will also benefit from the experience of Lou Kerner, a veteran venture investor who joins as the group’s senior advisor.

Kerner is the founder of Web3 consulting firm CrptoOracle Collective. He has over ten years’ experience in the crypto and blockchain industry, having collaborated with leading minds in sectors such as crypto investing, smart contracts and decentralised finance (DeFi).

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