A record 329 Japanese companies back Astar Network in Nikkei ad

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Astar Network (ASTR/USD), a leading Layer-1 platform for multichain and which supports the building of decentralised applications with EVM and WASM smart contracts, has managed a feat no other blockchain platform has in terms of the number of major companies that have extended their support.

On Monday, the top Polkadot (DOT) parachain announced that its national newspaper advertisement had set a world record with 329 blue chip brands coming together in a single ad to support Astar’s Web3 project.

The advertisement ran on Monday 26 September in Nikkei.

Astar Network is top blockchain in Japan

According to Astar Network’s announcement, the smart contracts platform’s unique Build2Earn model that helps incentivise and empower developers through a dApp staking mechanism, has seen it recently voted the leading Layer-1 blockchain in Japan. The honour was bestowed on the by the Japanese Blockchain Association, the platform stated in the news release.

The support of the 329 companies, and the move by the Japanese government to make the country a crypto hub, thus aligns with Astar’s goals, the platform’s founder and CEO Sota Watanabe said. He added:

Web3 is all about community. And we are proud that we could make this epoch-making ad supported by 329 companies including the biggest banks, reputable Internet companies and branch officers of a foreign companies like Microsoft and Accenture. This ad reflects the strong unity of the Japanese ecosystem. As Japan’s leading blockchain project, we will do our best to accelerate Web3 innovation through Astar.”

In its Web3 goals, Astar Network is getting support from some of the biggest banks and companies around the globe, including Microsoft, GMO, DeNA, Accenture and AWS. 

The mega ad came with a free non-transferable NFT distribution, which users can access by scanning a QR code on the Nikkei newspaper.

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