After the FTX Collapse, Investors are Jumping on Metacade (MCADE) | Invezz

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after the ftx collapse, investors are jumping on metacade (mcade) | invezz


Crypto markets were sent into meltdown at the start of November 2022, as a massive black hole was discovered in the balance sheet of FTX, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange. Despite initial attempts from Binance, FTX’s arch-rival, to inject liquidity into FTX and save them from collapse, FTX filed for US bankruptcy wiping $2 billion in FTX token values.

One highly attractive new crypto coin that hasn’t suffered is MCADE, the native currency of Metacade. Here’s why investors are jumping on Metacade and why you should consider doing the same.

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What is Metacade?

Metacade is a GameFI project that uses Web 3.0 technology to develop the metaverse’s leading video arcade. The platform will offer an expanding range of play-to-earn gaming titles that gamers can dive into, all while hanging out with old friends, competing against new ones, moving up leaderboards and earning at the same time.

The overarching aim of Metacade’s roadmap is to create a fully-functioning gaming community hub, in which gamers and community members will one day be handed complete control over the direction of the platform. Once the platform’s core development is complete, it will look to transition into a DAO where respected community members will lead on voting rights and help manage Metacade’s treasury.

How Does Metacade Work?

The MCADE coin is the cornerstone of Metacade and underpins every part of the ecosystem. It will be used for voting on the platform, pay-to-play gaming, buying merchandise, and powering other platform functions. Gamers will have several opportunities to earn rewards from the platform, including play-to-earn gaming, backtesting and feedback to developers, social interaction, and writing game reviews. 

Meanwhile, funds will flow into the platform through advertisers, investment, and pay-to-play titles. This income can then be further reinvested into the platform to develop more games or even used as rewards for gamers. There will be no reliance on single titles, which is often true of large gaming studios that are at the mercy of venture capitalists only interested in a return on their money, as the Metacade ecosystem is cleverly designed to support itself.

Game developers can present their plans to the community, who then vote on the projects they would most like to see in the arcade. Successful applicants will receive Metagrants to help them fund their projects. By keeping the development process within the community, it ensures that only the absolute best and most-wanted projects can make their way through, adding true value to the platform.

Other future plans include a career hub through which members can apply for jobs with the most exciting Web 3.0 companies on the planet. Companies also benefit from finding the best possible new talent to help form the future of the Web 3.0 industry and, in Metacade’s case, the GameFi space. These developments are likely to come into action once the gaming section of Metacade is in full flow with rollout due sometime in 2024.

How has MCADE Ridden the Wave of the FTX Collapse?

The crash of FTX wiped approximately $100 billion off the value of crypto market caps, shook investor and market confidence in crypto and raised question marks about the viability and security of funds invested in crypto projects. 

While that paints a fairly grim picture, it’s not all bad news. Many new projects, notably Metacade during the presale, have been insulated against this latest market difficulty. In addition, Metacade’s exciting and thought-provoking roadmap has been enticing investors over the last few months, who are now flocking towards MCADE.

Purchase MCADE in the Presale

The innovation in the project, alongside its clear utility case, has grabbed the imagination of a wide range of investors and created a significant buzz around MCADE, turning it into this year’s must-purchase, particularly during its presale phase.

MCADE has nine rounds to the presale, with the value of MCADE increasing with each round. The presale opened with investors receiving 125 MCADE coins for $1, while the final round will see 50 MCADE coins for each $1 investment. This means that early investors are likely will get the best deal.

Metacade’s strong display during the presale, along with investment circles reaching out to grab their stake in MCADE, make Metacade an excellent option for those seeking an investment with great potential and looking for a way to wipe out the problems caused by FTX’s collapse.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here


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