AGIX price prediction as Altsignals presale gains momentum

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mike novogratz says decentralized revolution is happening– what does this mean for altsignals?


Artificial Intelligence assets have been among the best performers in 2023. This rally can be attributed to the strong performance of ChatGPT and the view that AI will disrupt most industries, including healthcare and education. 

The same performance has happened in the cryptocurrency industry. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen by ~70% and ~60%, respectively, AI tokens like SingularityNET (AGIX) and (FET) have risen by over 800% and 300%, respectively. Similarly, AI projects like AltSignals are gaining momentum.  

Historically, investors tend to invest in emerging themes because of the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Some of the past themes in the crypto industry were the metaverse, play-to-earn, and move-to-earn, among others.

What is SingularityAI and why has it jumped?

The AI industry is set to go through a major growth in the next few years. According to PwC, artificial intelligence will contribute about $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Most of these gains are expeted to be in China and the United States.

Another report by Zion Research showed that the global market of artificial intelligence was valued at over $59 billion in June 2022. The report estimated that it will have a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.7% by 2028. 

Key industries will be disrupted by AI. For example, people are using generative AI to get complicated answers. Some upcoming AI platforms will be able to write complex computer code. 

Most of the best-known AI products are now centralized. For example, Microsoft controls its Bing AI while Google controls Bard,

SingularityNET aims to change this by creating a decentralized ecosystem of AI applications that solve key challenges. A good example of a dApp in its ecosystem is Rejuve, which is a premier platform for longevity research.

AGIX price prediction 

AGIX is the native token for SingularityNET. As shown below, AGIX price has done well in the past few months as investors increased their focus on AI. This rally faded recently when Bitcoin failed to move to the psychological level of $30,000. Most importantly, it has formed what looks like an ascending triangle pattern.

Therefore, a move above the upper side of the triangle pattern at $0.559 will signal that bulls have prevailed, which will push its price much higher. The next key level to watch will be at $0.70.

agix price
AGIX chart by TradingView

What is AltSignals?

The financial industry is also expected to be disrupted by artificial intelligence. In fact, the financial advisory industry is already being disrupted by AI. For example, Morgan Stanley is now testing an OpenAI-powered chatbot. 

An area that is ripe for disruption is in analysis and prediction. Today, most financial traders and investors focus on doing manual analysis. While bots exist, many of them are powered by traditional technologies that are not efficient.

AltSignals is an AI-powered platform that uses advanced technologies to come up with near-accurate predictions of stock, cryptocurrencies, and other assets like forex. The platform uses technologies like machine learning and natural language processing. These technology are combined to create an AI that can beat humans. Its reinforcement learning tool will help to incorporate risk management.

AltSignals is powered by the $ASI token, whose primary goal is to act as a membership of the ecosystem. Its other features will be community governance, trading tournaments, and membership of the AI club.

AltSignals presale prediction

AltSignals is in the process of raising capital through a token presale process. According to AltSignals website, the Beta sale has already raised $429,675, which is equivalent to 89.52% of the planned capital raise. 1 $ASI token is going for 0.0012 USDT.

At times, investing in token presale can be highly profitable since it lets you exit at a profit when an airdrop happens. For example, people who bought AGIX and FET tokens during their presale have seen their investments grow by over 1,000%. 

To be clear. Not all token presales are usually good investments. In the past, many people have lost funds buying scams online. Therefore, we recommend that you do your own research before you invest in any crypto token and a presale. According to AltSignals white paper, the developers plan to list the ASI token in Uniswap in the second quarter of the year. This will be followed by listings in other exchanges and improving the current AltAlgo to automated trading capability.


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