AltSignals price prediction: An exciting AI Token powering a trading community

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Do you want to become part of the trading community? AltSignals has launched a presale for a new $ASI token that earns membership in an AI platform for traders. In its presale, 46.21% of the tokens have been sold out, with $221,791.692 raised, out of a total of $480,000.

$ASI starting price is $0.012. By the time the four-stage presale ends, the value would have climbed to $0.02274. You can join the presale here.

What is AltSignals?

Artificial intelligence is the future. In the trading world, it is the present, with algorithms helping traders generate high-quality and reliable signals. But think of a token that powers a trading signal service. Letting you belong to a community of traders, vote on governance, and earn from the native token and related engagements.

AltSignals’ new AI platform, ActualizeAI, does all that. AltSignals was launched in 2017 and has grown popular due to providing high-quality signals in the forex, stock, and crypto markets. AltSignals’ experienced team generates the signals using a market-beating algorithm, AltAlgo™. 

In case you are wondering how popular AltSignals is, it has over 50,000 memberships on Telegram and a 4.9/5-star rating on Trustpilot. The platform is now ready to revolutionise its business with an AI platform, ActualizeAI. Once launched, the scope of trading signal service will broaden, benefiting even the CFD traders. 

How does AltSignal ($ASI) work?

$ASI powers AltSignals AI platform, ActualizeAI. The primary role of the token is to become the unit of membership on the AltSignals AI-enabled ecosystem. The cryptocurrency will be used to transfer value within the AltSignals community. 

Members will earn the token after joining the AltSignals Innovation group and contributing to the platform’s bounty projects. $ASI will also entitle holders to upcoming private sales of new projects on the platform. Users can earn $ASI by entering prize draws and trading-related competitions.

Generally, how much access an individual has on the AltSignals will depend on the number of tokens they possess in their wallet. Investors purchasing the $ASI tokens in the presale will have early access to ActualizeAI.

Does AltSignals offer a great investment opportunity?

If you have been looking for an asset supported by a real community and offering a demanded service, AltSignals ($ASI) might be a good choice. The platform has built a name for around half a decade, meaning the demand for the service is already there. Therefore, $ASI tokens are a low-risk investment. Why?

The ActualizeAI algorithm builds on a successful business model that investors trust. As such, investors looking for high rewards through the Algorithm signals are expected to join by purchasing $ASI. That will drive demand for the token and increase its price, benefiting early investors. 

Will $ASI reach $1 by the end of 2024?

As we already noted, AltSignals already has a community behind it. So, it isn’t hard maths to predict that the price will surge once the token hits major exchanges and more investors come on board. Nevertheless, a price of $1 is highly speculative. Let’s do this with a calculation.

$ASI will be valued at $0.02274 at the final stage of the presale. To get to $1, the price will have to rise by 4,297%. Is this realistic? Yes, it is; token prices have risen by more than this percentage after getting listed on exchanges. However, it takes time to gather huge liquidity to see such a gain. This doesn’t take away the fact that a novel token like $ASI can gather liquidity within a short time. It is only that we would be over-ambitious in making such a prediction.

 A realistic target is a 10 times return or a price of at least $0.22 immediately after this token gets listed. History has taught that tokens gain twice as much as 10x immediately after listing, so our prediction is quite conservative.

Should you invest in $ASI now?

Presales can be deceiving since prices are fixed, and somehow demand is restricted. Tokens become valuable after getting listed on exchanges when they are accessible to many. As such, investing in $ASI now is advantageous since the valuation is still low. Even holding the token to the end of presale guarantees an almost 90% return.


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