Flare integrates its API Portal on Google Cloud Marketplace

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flare integrates its api portal on google cloud marketplace


Flare has successfully integrated its API Portal on Google Cloud Marketplace, launching some of the first blockchain APIs to be available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Following the API Portal integration, developers will be able to access blockchain data from Flare’s nodes and connected Chain nodes using Google Cloud Marketplace. They can then use this data to perform easy blockchain transactions and read up-to-date states.

Supported blockchain APIs

Following the integration, Google Cloud Marketplace will support blockchain APIs for Algorand, BNB Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Flare, Litecoin, Songbird, XRP, and any other blockchain APIs that are added to Flare’s API Portal in the future.

Blockchain APIs allow developers to create apps that perform transactions and query on-chain data relating to the chain’s latest state. The APIs free developers from the obligation to run their own node for each blockchain they want to interact with. This is particularly helpful when creating cross-chain applications that must query data from multiple chains.

Anyone who uses Google Cloud can now enjoy easy access to all of Flare’s API Portal-supported APIs.

Commenting on the integration, Flare’s VP of Engineering, Josh Edwards, said:

“Greater availability of leading blockchain APIs on platforms such as Google Cloud Marketplace reduces the barriers to Web3 participation. It makes it easier for developers to experiment with blockchain technology and its many use cases without being burdened by onerous hardware costs and ongoing maintenance. It also opens up the possibility for larger organizations and partners to experiment with a safe, secure, and approved set of Web3 APIs. As a result, developer teams have the flexibility to create applications without any infrastructure headache and allows them to focus on creating and shipping great products.”

Essentially, Flare’s EVM-based Layer 1 is designed to extend the utility of blockchain by providing decentralized access to high-integrity data from other blockchain and Web2 sources. As a result, every blockchain connected by Flare’s data and interoperability infrastructure will ultimately be added to Google Cloud.


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