Floki integrates Chainlink Keepers and Price Feeds

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Floki (FLOKI/USD), a community-powered cryptocurrency ecosystem, has announced integration with Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink Price Feeds on the BNB Chain and Ethereum networks.

The platform has integrated the solutions to help power its token locking protocol FlokFi Locker.

According to Floki, Chainlink Keepers will help secure and offer reliability to its token locking process while the Chainlink Price Feeds has now been expanded to include integration with BNB Chain, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism and Heco. This has allowed the ecosystem to display its token locking prices for more than 500 digital assets. 

“As an innovative DeFi protocol that prioritizes security, decentralisation, and transparency, the industry-leading Chainlink is the default oracle network we considered. We’re excited to use Chainlink Keepers to help automate our token locking process, and Chainlink Price Feeds to help display accurate token prices. ”

B, Core Contributor of Floki

Benefits of Chainlink Keepers and Price Feeds

Chainlink Keepers offers a decentralised service specifically designed to manage the tasks of smart contracts and FlokiFi Locker will leverage the solution to automate and add efficiency to its token locking processes.

The ecosystem will also benefit from on-chain reliability and up-time, low transaction costs, decentralised execution and expandable computation.

The Chainlink Price Feeds will also be crucial for FlokiFi Locker, with the platform’s DeFi economy tapping into an industry-leading price data service for its multi-chain protocol. With these in place, Floki users can benefit from accurate,and reliable price data from external sources.

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