Gaming platform Myria launches MYRIA token generation event on OKX

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gaming platform myria launches myria token generation event on okx


Myria has announced the generation event (TGE) for its native MYRIA token on the OKX exchange and a 45 Million MYRIA Airdrop.

After the token generation and listing on OKX, Myria also intends to have the MYRIA token listed on KuCoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Commenting about the TGE, Myria co-founder and Head of Blockchain Brendan Duhamel said:

“Our token launch is another step towards our goal of building and scaling innovative blockchain games securely and effectively. Within a short time, Myria managed to bring onboard 1 million users and make it easier for gaming studios to build Web3. This is what will truly scale the ecosystem and our goal is to make it easier for both players and game studios to enter the Web3 space.”

What is Myria?

Myria is a Layer 2 blockchain scaling solution for Ethereum that utilizes ZK roll-up technology. It offers players and developers near-instant transactions with speeds of over 9000 tps, zero gas fees on transactions, and free NFT minting.

It facilitates game development with its custom-tailored SDK and there are already more than 250 third-party gaming projects that have been actively building on the platform. It also has over a million registered users and a thriving community of more than 350,000 Myrians.

Myria recently partnered with celebrity cricket player AB de Villiers, to launch his play-and-earn Cricket game. It also revealed details about Metarush, the first game by Myria Studios, in a closed gameplay event.

The MYRIA token generation event on OKX marks a major milestone in Myria’s roadmap. The MYRIA token uses the ERC-20 standard and will have many use cases in the Myria ecosystem including staking, in-game utility, Myria node purchases, protocol fees, and governance.

The total number of Myriad tokens that can ever be in circulation is 50 billion tokens and 40% will be set aside for funding the Ecosystem, 36% for Node rewards, 19% for project development, 3% for liquidity provision, and 2% for strategic reserve.

Myria Airdrop

To celebrate the launch of the MYRIA token, Myria community members will be allowed to participate in the Alliance Key NFT Airdrop which is the second major NFT airdrop by Myria.

On April 7, Myria will also be launching its public node sale to bring true decentralization to Myria.


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