Metacade and Axie Infinity will supercharge the metaverse industry in 2023 | Invezz

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metacade and axie infinity will supercharge the metaverse industry in 2023 | invezz


Metacade and Axie Infinity are both set to change the metaverse industry in 2023 in a big way. Axie Infinity is already known for its impact on Web3, providing alternative income streams for users around the globe. The up-and-coming project, Metacade (MCADE) plans to be a comprehensive ecosystem where users to play, earn, build, and connect in Web3. 

This article will examine both of these groundbreaking ecosystems to see how they could shift old paradigms even further and change the metaverse in 2023. 

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A Brief Guide To Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity was one of the first play-to-earn (P2E) platforms that really got people to stop and think about Web3 more seriously. This was big news, as a gaming ecosystem provided a legitimate means of income for lower-income nations. In fact, residents of the Philippines earned so much that the government decided to regulate it as taxable income. 

In the Axie Infinity ecosystem, people purchased and flipped collectable NFTs, known as ‘Axies’. Axie Infinity is built on the Ethereum network and the Axies are tradable ERC-20 tokens. Axie Infinity is one of the most well-known and largest P2E networks around. It has its own platforms where the Axies interact with and battle one another. 

However, this platform now has more competition and it also recently suffered a $625 million hack on its Ronin network. This is one of the largest DeFi hacks in history. This is a big blow to a revolutionary ecosystem that paved the way for many more gaming metaverse platforms. 

A Brief Guide to Metacade

Like Axie Infinity, Metacade is concerned with Web3 gaming but in a different manner. It intends to become a one-stop shop for all things gaming related. It will be a fun, dynamic, collaborative ecosystem for people to find, invest, and play Web3 games. 

Gaming will be the focus of Metacade. Discussion boards and polls will allow users to quickly find the best games. Tournaments will encourage competition and users will be rewarded for sharing their gaming knowledge and writing reviews. 

One of Metacade’s core tenets is being focused on the community. Unlike other gaming ecosystems which can crash and burn over time, Metacade will be self-sustaining. It offers multiple revenue generation streams to reward participants in making the community better. 

Those holding the native MCADE token will be allowed to use it in governance voting, staking, and many other activities on the platform. They will also have a say in terms of the direction of the network, facilitated through the platform’s ultimate transition into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for collaborative decision-making.  

The Metacade is an ideal place for entrepreneurs, games developers, and crypto investors to congregate and discuss mutual interests, skills, goals and aspirations. Participants will also be able to find jobs and test games on the Metacade network. It’s going to be a place that truly makes things happen. 

These days, everybody is talking about the metaverse and its future adoption is becoming a plain fact of our everyday existence – and not just small projects and individuals. Facebook rebranded to Meta and gigantic corporations are eager to gain a hold of these new virtual reality platforms. In 2022, the market potential of the metaverse is estimated at $8.33 trillion dollars in the US alone. 

The metaverse consists of associated industries such as AR, VR, and content distribution of all kinds. All existing industries can be tied to a metaverse through NFTs, blockchains, tokenization, and immersive technology. Both Metacade and Axie Infinity harness the power of all of these things so will undoubtedly play a big part in the 2023 metaverse industry. 

Metacade And Axie Infinity: Which One To Choose?

Metacade is a little superior to Axie Infinity as an investment opportunity. There are clear reasons for this:

  1. Metacade is a fully-fledged ecosystem for Web3 gaming. 
  2. Metacade offers more than flipping NFTs. 
  3. Metacade will grow in line with participant preferences. 
  4. Metacade offers a wide variety of reward mechanisms. 
  5. Axie Infinity is not as popular as it once was. 
  6. The Axie Infinity Metaverse is saturated – many of its assets are overpriced. 

Metacade is currently in its presale stage and represents a much better opportunity in terms of upside potential. While the price for MCADE is a mere $0.008 in its presale, it will be $0.02 by the final stage. 

Getting in now would be like investing in an Axie before people know about what it was. And it’s always better to invest early in lucrative projects. 

Both Metacade and Axie Infinity are set to change the metaverse in 2023 and beyond. The difference is that it looks like Axie Infinity has its heydays behind it while Metacade is on the edge of some exceptional growth.

This is why Metacade could definitely be a better bet than Axie Infinity from an investment perspective in 2023. 
You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.


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