Metacade and Enjin Coin Price Prediction: Here’s Why Metacade Outperforms | Invezz

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metacade and enjin coin price prediction: here’s why metacade outperforms | invezz


The crypto market looks to be positioning for a bull market across the metaverse sector and the battle is coming for the best metaverse token. Metacade (MCADE) and Enjin Coin (ENJ) are two names that will be on investors’ minds as user adoption in virtual worlds heats up. 

Enjin is a great platform for gaming developers to build their ecosystem, but Metacade is bringing a much more unique, innovative gaming experience to the fight. With its well-rounded offering, Metacade may have a much stronger price outlook.

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What is Metacade?

Metacade is setting up to become a top GameFi destination, incorporating good tokenomics, community leadership, and play-to-earn gaming. The MCADE token, which is currently in its presale, will be the main governance token for holders to vote on project developments and new games. Gamers can earn more MCADE tokens by staking their tokens and engaging with the Metacade platform through game testing, competitions, and sharing gaming knowledge.   

The token will also meet platform utility uses for access to prize draws, big money tournaments, and much more. The interesting aspect is that this project is community-led and will utilise the best developers and gamers to build a metaverse arcade. The top development ideas can attain Metagrants, a source of funding, as part of Metarcade’s create-to-earn initiative.

The metaverse will revolve around social dynamics and exploring, but Metacade will naturally be a place that people return to and will position itself as a top meeting spot for gaming enthusiasts. The platform’s focus is on offering the best of play-to-earn meaning gamers never have to leave the metaverse empty-handed. 

Casual gamers and hardcore gamers will love this project because it will host a range of different titles with earning potential. When user traffic is high, interest from big corporate advertisers will generate more revenue for the platform too. There are many aspects of MCADE that can see it attaining a reputation as a metaverse leader like Decentraland or The Sandbox.

Enjin Coin Price Prediction

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a platform for serious game developers but it lacks the community and fun factors that Metacade is set to deliver. The project provides products that developers can use to mint their own NFTs and in-game collectibles, which can be traded and used in other games. There is also the option to add a native token to your own blockchain project and tie it to ENJ via Exfinity. 

Another product is Jumpnet, which will allow scaling for Ethereum. These Enjin projects may draw in developers but they lack the appeal for gamers and investors. The project can draw in developers but would face an uphill battle to see real meme coin-style traction in its token price. 

The price prediction for Enjin Coin will first target the previous highs at $3.50 but ENJ may find resistance above that level as the near-term building may not be able to contend with metaverse project growth. 

Metacade Price Prediction

Metacade has the opportunity to ramp up its token price with different levels of adoption. The first of those will be in the early marketing campaign scheduled on the roadmap into 2023. With a growing community of gamers and developers, the demand for MCADE is expected to see a surge in price. Top developers and gaming enthusiasts may want to own a larger number of coins to have a bigger influence on the outcome of the project. 

The next stage of development will be blockchain P2E games and if the project can find the right titles then a strong daily user base would certainly supercharge the token further. The following stage will be the metaverse development, which is a huge potential market for Metacade to enter. 

The biggest metaverse crypto tokens out there, like The Sandbox and Decentraland, currently have a project valuation of $1 billion. For Metacade to reach this valuation, its MCADE token would be valued at $0.72, based on the 1.4 billion tokens available at presale. However, those valuations are at the bottom of a bear market and it is a very cautious prediction for the coin. Metacade can go much higher when investor sentiment in the crypto market improves. Current pessimism is weighing on projects but optimism will return.


The metaverse is set to be a big sector for the crypto market so Metacade and Enjin Coin will fight to be the top metaverse coin. Enjin Coin will provide a good platform for game developers but it lacks the meme coin potential and diversified platform of Metacade. 

While it may have been around longer and is more well-known in the crypto community, that doesn’t make ENJ necessarily a better option. Metacade is a new project currently under the radar and could easily see its prospects ramp up strongly with investor and gamer adoption. The first stage will be the marketing campaign to attract a strong community. Once game titles are added then user traction can continue to build into a full Game-fi offering, well-aligned to profit from a growing and lucrative market combination.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.


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