Metacade (MCADE) pulls back 40%: is it time to buy?


The price of MCADE, Metacade’s native cryptocurrency, has dipped over the past few days after hitting an all-time high of $0.04569.

At press time, MCADE had dropped 39.49% from its all-time high and seemed still on a   strong bear market seeing that it has dropped by 14.12% over the last 24 hours.

Is it time to buy MCADE?

Crypto investors took advantage of the recent MCADE price surge, which was partly buoyed by the listing of MCADE on MEXC Global and BitMart. The surge proved that MCADE is a token to watch seeing that the surge took place just a few weeks after the end of the Metacade presale.

While cryptocurrencies are volatile assets and carry investment risks, the bottom line of any investment is investing when the price is low and selling when prices rise. The only problem is determining whether an asset has reached its bottom.

For the case of MCADE, it could be difficult to determine whether it has hit the bottom since it has limited historical price data. Nevertheless, it is trading 20% above its presale price; meaning those who invested then are enjoying an ROI of 20%.

Why Metacade stands out among metaverse crypto projects?

Firstly, the Metacade project ticks the legit project checkbox seeing that it has already launched its native token and gained several crypto exchange listings. The project has ridden on the rising popularity of GameFi and Metaverse projects to become one of the most popular crypto projects in 2023.

The MCADE token, just like the Metacade platform has gained a lot of popularity among crypto investors, crypto traders, and blockchain game developers and investors. The mere fact that crypto investors turned up in large numbers to purchase the MCADE token during the presale shows investors have confidence in the entire Metacade project.

Those who invested in the MCADE at the start of the Metacade presale are counting profits. The MCADE token has risen by more than 225% since the BETA presale stage.

Most importantly, MCADE holders can now trade the token on centralized exchanges like MEXC Global and BirMart. They can also participate in Metacade staking on Uniswap which opened immediately after the token was listed on Uniswap. The staking has a 40% AAR.

What next for the Metacade project?

Besides being listed on three crypto exchanges, Metacade has also earned itself its first partnership. It recently partnered with  Metastudio, a revolutionary gaming company focused on delivering exciting, avant-garde, and fresh mobile games to Metacade.

Moving ahead, the Metacade whitepaper outlines that Metacade is expected to gain further centralized exchange listings, add more play-to-earn (P2E) projects partnerships, launch more gaming community giveaways and competitions, and launch a universal online hangout for all things GameFi and P2E in the second quarter of, 2023.

If the project was to successfully accomplish all the milestones set out in the whitepaper, the demand for MCADE, which is the utility token on Metacade, would most likely skyrocket towards $1 before the end of 2023.


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