Metacade offers fresh investment opportunity as MCADE lists on major exchanges

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metacade offers fresh investment opportunity as mcade lists on major exchanges


Metacade just had its first major post-presale success with the listing on leading decentralised exchange platform Uniswap. And with further listings scheduled for Bitmart and MEXC Global, interest in one of GameFi’s most exciting projects is hitting new levels.

The outlook for MCADE price going forward suggests the project presents an enticing investment opportunity, particularly for investors who may have just missed out as the token sold out.

If you are looking to buy MCADE today, the token is trading on Uniswap (V3).

Why Metacade can be a great investment opportunity

Investing in cryptocurrency is on a rising trajectory as more people find the asset class more attractive. For investors, the opportunity is always there, with proper due diligence one of the guiding principles.

Metacade offers one this prospect as the GameFi industry’s biggest 2023 project rolls out after a spectacular presale that sold out on 4 April. Enthusiasm around the exciting play-to-earn (P2E) project saw $16.4 million raised during the presale.

Growth and adoption for MCADE is projected to grow rapidly with token holders incentivized to participate in the platform via a range of exciting initiatives. Investors interested in the gaming sector can therefore add MCADE to their portfolio as part of their long-term investment strategies.

What is Metacade and what does it offer?

Metacade is a new GameFi project that is set to revolutionise the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming industry through the world’s largest arcade ecosystem. At the center of this project is the need to provide an all-round experience to everyone within the gaming ecosystem by bringing to the community the best of cryptocurrency and Web3 via a dynamic virtual hangout.

Gamers, developers, and crypto enthusiasts will all find value on Metacade, with the opportunity to offer or play games and earn rewards.

Metacade’s whitepaper illustrates the huge impact this project will have on the overall gaming world, with its expected reach compared to projects like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

As highlighted above, the arcade will offer play-to-earn (P2E) games with rewards paid out in MCADE. The roadmap also includes work-to-earn (W2E) and compete-to-earn (C2E) programs, alongside major tournaments and events with huge prize pools for the community.

Holders of the native token MCADE can also participate in other activities within the ecosystem to earn prizes. The token also allows the community to participate in governance, with voting helping to run the crucial funds program dubbed Metagrants.

Metacade exchange listings and partnerships

Other than listing on Uniswap, MCADE will go live on Bitmart, MEXC over the next few weeks. According to the Metacade roadmap, the plan is to list on 3-5 of the top crypto exchanges. The key dates are:

  • Week ending 16 April 2023 – MCADE listing on Bitmart.
  • Week ending 30th April 2023 – MCADE listing on MEXC.

Multiple leading industry and mainstream companies are also eyeing partnerships with Metacade, billed as the new top destination for the P2E gaming community.

Indeed, Metacade has already announced one of these partnerships, with the team sealing a collaboration with gaming company Metastudio. Per an announcement Invezz highlighted on 6 April, Metastudio is a Web3-focused gaming platform that will deliver top mobile games to Metacade.

Is MCADE worth buying today?

Metacade price at the listing on Uniswap was $0.022, with the token’s value having jumped from $0.008 during the first presale stage. That indicates a 175% price increase for those who went in early. MCADE’s price is expected to continue rising, especially given the fact that Metacade is arguably GameFi’s biggest and most innovative project.

As can be seen on CoinMarketCap, real-time DEX on-chain data for Metacade price shows $1.7 million has been traded in the past 24 hours. The MCADE/USDT pair has also held up well after the listing, with 24-hour performance putting the token 30% up on the day. Also notable is that there has not been a price dump, suggesting buying pressure could see MCADE target new highs in coming days.

The success of the presale suggests the investor community knows and the gaming community will too when they begin to tap into top features and different incentive programs. As such, MCADE’s utility across the ecosystem cannot be second guessed, and price is likely to follow.

Other than holding the token as a long term investment, investors can buy MCADE today and take advantage of other earning opportunities, including through the rewards that come with staking. For instance, MCADE staking is live after the Uniswap listing, offering a 40% average annual return (AAR).


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