Metacade price rises above $0.034 as listing on MEXC listing nears

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the entire crypto market fails to recover while metacade (mcade) keeps rising in presale | invezz


Barely a month since Metacade was listed on Uniswap and later on Bitmart, the price has risen by double digit percentages. The token traded at $0.3471 on May 02, less than 48 hours before it gets listed on MEXC.

The increase in the price of MCADE points to a growing interest in the token following its April listings. With the next listing on MEXC and other major exchanges, investors see a potential rise in liquidity for the token that ended the presale at just $0.020. 

The exponential growth of game-fi tokens and the position of Metacade

Blockchain gaming is growing, thanks to the emergence of a new crop of investors looking to play more conveniently and earn. Gaming market reports estimated the market size by revenue at $4.6 billion in 2022. Experts project an increase in the market size to $65.7 billion by 2027. 

While it could be challenging to estimate how much growth potential a game-fi project like Metacade has, the statistics point to the immense opportunities. Early entrants like Axie Infinity attracted much interest in 2021 as investors saw an opportunity that never existed. 

Metacade promises to do more than its successful predecessors. Different from other Play-to-Earn gaming platforms, Metacade promises to be the biggest community-governed arcade. Dubbed as a one-stop destination for metaverse enthusiasts, the platform will bring gamers and developers together. The Metacade community will earn MCADE tokens by competing, creating on the platform, and working on gig opportunities.

Additional earnings methods include staking the native token and entering prize draws. Other features of Metacade include game testing and a launchpad, all geared toward making it a self-sustaining ecosystem. Advertisements also feature on Metacade’s revenue model.

Metacade has a key role in blockchain gaming thanks to its innovative features. Investors eyeing Web 3.0 gaming might consider Metacade a worthy investment, given its strong and growing popularity as a sustainable platform. 

How attractive is Metacade now?

Metacade trades just at $0.034. The price represents an increase of about 70% from its final presale value. Mind that the token has only been listed on two major exchanges, so there isn’t much liquidity to consider the token to have hit a price ceiling. 

Additionally, many tokens have hit 10x price a few months after getting listed on major exchanges. In other words, the price of Metacade is still too low. If we consider a 10x price on its presale value of $0.020, that gives $0.20. That means at the current value, MCADE is much undervalued. As the token enters more exchanges, the value could skyrocket and generate huge returns for investors.

But it is not the price that only excites investors about Metacade. There are numerous earnings opportunities to take advantage of. For gaming enthusiasts, Metacade offers a chance to get paid doing what they like – competing. With the early subscription of the project, it makes sense to invest in Metacade, as the potential for success is huge.

Metacade price prediction in 2023 

It is quite challenging to predict the prices of newly launched tokens since they are still gathering liquidity. However, history has taught that tokens that have early success with proven business models become top gainers. Metacade has been one of them.

From an expert’s point of view, the token could rise to $0.25 by the end of 2023. The price will represent an increase of 1,150% from the final presale value of $0.020. The projected gain is quite realistic, as MCADE has already shown strong price trends since it started listing on major exchanges. A psychological value of $0.20 or a 1,000% increase by 2023 should still be considered a good return for early birds.


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