Metacade sold out every phase of it’s presale so far – This hot crypto presale won’t last long | Invezz

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metacade sold out every phase of it’s presale so far – this hot crypto presale won’t last long | invezz


Investors looking for the next hot crypto need look no further than the new online gaming platform Metacade, which is generating enormous momentum during its crypto presale event. The platform’s native MCADE token has investors flocking in their thousands to get on board this brand-new project, which looks ready to inflict transformative impact across the GameFi sector over the next couple of years.

Metacade is currently selling out of its presale phase 4 tokens fast. This hot crypto presale is sure to sell out its entire token allocation soon ahead of it launching on exchanges.

Metacade is one of the most impressive crypto presales to invest in now

A crypto presale can easily become one of the best investment opportunities in the crypto world, with new projects offering rich potential to become leaders in their market sector at very low introductory prices. Although these opportunities are rare, when they appear, they gain traction rapidly, as investors look to snap up as many tokens as possible to maximize returns.

Metacade’s early progress during its presale event has marked it as one of these rare opportunities with $7.2m raised in just 13 since launching. The allocation of MCADE coins assigned to stage 4 continues to sell out fast, with excitement among investors growing as they clamor to get a foot in the door of this hot crypto presale.

Metacade’s massive range of online arcade games, with unmatched play-to-earn (P2E) capability, looks set to help drive the GameFi revolution, which is projected to grow enormously in the next few years. With stating it’s set to be 10X bigger than traditional gaming by 2025, Metacade’s hugely exciting and innovative roadmap provides bullish early investors with a prime opportunity to realize huge returns as MCADE realizes this potential.

Can MCADE reach $5 in 2025?

Metacade aims to offer a market-leading range of features for GameFi and Web3 fans to enjoy. At this point, the MCADE coin will launch on decentralized and centralized exchanges, bringing the project to the consciousness of a whole new audience and boosting the price accordingly.

Some analysts weighing up Metacade’s exciting project plan and the likely easing of bear market conditions in 2023 predict that $1 is achievable in 2023, with price growth continuing to soar in 2024 and beyond. With a return to expected bull market conditions in the next couple of years, MCADE could reach impressive prices.

In this case, forecasts of MCADE reaching $5 look like a realistic aim. Indeed, some more bullish experts have gone either further, with $7 potentially achievable by the end of 2025. With Metacade showing the long-term potential that is missing from many other GameFi projects, it’s clear why MCADE is seen as such a hot crypto presale opportunity in 2023.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is building the most expansive library of P2E online arcade games in the metaverse. Combining classic arcade titles from yesteryear with the best in cutting-edge Web3 and blockchain-based games, Metacade looks set to dominate the GameFi market in the coming years with an intoxicating cocktail of integrated earning mechanics and addictive gameplay.

Metacade’s focus extends beyond simply hosting P2E titles, by building a vast community of like-minded gaming enthusiasts and crypto fans, each networking and collaborating to discover and share the best knowledge, tips, and alpha. Metacade’s commitment to its community extends further than providing only P2E mechanics, as users who post social content earn crypto rewards each time they contribute.

How does MCADE work?

MCADE is the fuel that lights the Metacade fire, underpinning all activity on the platform. From providing the source of rewards to reinvesting back into the platform through one of their many innovative schemes, such as Metagrants or Compete2Earn, MCADE is generated from several internal and external routes.

The internal community contributes by staking tokens via the Compete2Earn scheme, allowing members to enter online tournaments and prize draws and experience pay-to-play games. Meanwhile, external funding will be generated through ads, the release of external arcade games, and Web3 job postings on the hub’s job board.

Metacade: Driving GameFi innovation

Of all the attractive features bringing investors to the platform is the pioneering Metagrants scheme. Designed to promote the creation of new P2E games exclusively for Metacade, the initiative looks to push the entire GameFi sector to new heights.

Developers are invited to submit proposals to receive funding to assist them with designing and developing new games. Each submission is pooled and presented to the MCADE community, who vote for their favorites. Those that gain the most votes receive an award of funding and production can begin. The scheme launches in Q3 2023, with the first title going live in Q1 2024.

As Metacade stays ahead of its competitors with the regular release of the best new Web3 games, the wider GameFi sector benefits as Web3 companies gain access to the brightest new talent with some impressive development experience to their CVs.

MCADE: Check out this hot crypto presale now to avoid disappointment

Stage 4 of MCADE’s crypto presale event is selling out fast, meaning that time is running out for investors to get their hands on MCADE coins at the rock-bottom price of $0.014. With price rises on the horizon thanks to the platform’s exciting project plans, this hot crypto presale represents a rare opportunity for investors to get their hands on a leading new project before it hits the public exchanges!

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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