Metacade’s MCADE price breakout imminent after BitMart listing

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metacade offers fresh investment opportunity as mcade lists on major exchanges


The price of MCADE has been oscillating between $0.22 and $0.015 since it was listed on CoinMarketCap.

Crypto analysts and investors had expected the Uniswap listing to spur some significant price surge although that did not materialize. Although investors are getting worried about the price stagnation since the end of the Metacade presale, most believe the token is consolidating after what seems to be weeks of concentrated activities.

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MCADE listing on BitMart

According to the information on Metacade’s official website at press time, only about three days remain for the MCADE token to get listed on the BitMart crypto exchange.

Just like the Metacade presale and the subsequent listing of MCADE on Uniswap, the listing of MCADE on BitMart has created quite a sensation among investors. The majority expect the listing to trigger a price since it will be the first centralized cryptocurrency exchange to list the token.

However, some are sceptical about the impact the BitMart listing will have on the token seeing that it is currently trading below its final presale price. But in most cases, as evident in most token listing crypto news, listing on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) does not result in as much traction as listing on centralized exchanges (CEXs).

How far is the MCADE price expected to rise?

MCADE tested an all-time low of $0.01498 over the weekend sending shockwaves among investors seeing that the token has not broken past its presale price tag even after listing on CoinMarcketCap and Uniswap.

At the moment, all eyes are on the $0.022 price level, which was the token’s price at the end of its presale. Most analysts hope the token will break above this level after the BitMart listing and probably surge towards $0.1 towards the end of April after MEXC Global lists the token.

Is Metacade a good investment?

While the Metacade is still a new project, it has gained a lot of popularity among gamers, game developers, and crypto investors who powered in numbers to purchase the MCADE token during the Metacade presale that just ended.

While the MCADE token is yet to make a significant bullish trend since the presale ended, the increased activity on the Metacade platform and the listing on different Centralized exchanges including the upcoming BitMart listing is expected to spur a significant MCADE price surge.

To prove that it means business, Metacade recently announced its first partnership with Metastudio, a revolutionary new gaming company focused on delivering exciting, avant-garde, and fresh mobile games to the Metacade arcade.

According to the project’s whitepaper, Metacade is expected to create more partnerships with play-to-earn projects, gain further CEX listing, launch more gaming community giveaways and competitions, and launch their universal online hangout for all things GameFi and P2E in Q2, 2023. All these activities will most likely spur increased MCADE token demand since the token is the backbone of the Metacade ecosystem.

Besides listing on different cryptocurrency exchanges an increased MCADE demand would offer additional strength to the bullish prospects of the token.


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