Mike Novogratz says decentralized revolution is happening– what does this mean for AltSignals?

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mike novogratz says decentralized revolution is happening– what does this mean for altsignals?


Bitcoin (BTC/USD) price rose beyond $27,000 on Friday, hitting a 9-month high as crypto bounced higher following this week’s turmoil in the US banking sector. Amid the rally to $27k for BTC and near $1,750 for ETH, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz tweeted that it was time for crypto and that “the decentralized revolution is happening.”

The breakout for BTC comes amid reports that the US Federal Reserve added $0.3 trillion to its balance sheet this past week. In short, the Fed availed over $300 billion in what is being seen as a “quantitative easing” move, with bank borrowings surging after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and major scare for First Republic Bank.

What does the latest crypto rally mean for AltSignals (ASI)?

Bitcoin could be at the beginning of a new bull cycle, which amid the overall crypto resurgence, could combine with the powerful narrative of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to push crypto projects like AltSignals to a new level. Already, AI-related crypto projects are seeing massive traction as the rise of artificial intelligence continues to captivate the tech industry.

According to CoinGecko data, the market cap of the crypto AI subsector has jumped to $1.95 billion, up 9% in the past 24 hours. With overall gains expected across board during a crypto bull market, predictions are for AltSignals to go up. This could be particularly explosive after the presale of the native ASI token.

You can buy ASI by joining the presale here.

AltSignals: Microsoft and Google show AI is the future

No doubt the hottest Artificial Intelligence (AI) related news today is around GPT-4, the latest model of OpenAI’s large language model software technology that debuted in 2022 with ChatGPT.

Among ecosystem giants tapping into the broader generative AI space are Google and Microsoft. While Microsoft has invested over $10 billion in GPT-4’s OpenAI, Google put $300 million into Anthropic.

Earlier this week, Google announced it was allowing businesses to test its ChatGPT-like generative AI features – and Microsoft followed swiftly with the integration of GPT-4 like generative AI language technology to its Microsoft 365 suite and Bing.

The AI-powered capabilities will be available via Copilot, a tool that the company says will revolutionise how Microsoft users tap into Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Teams. Copilot is currently being tested by about 20 customers, including several Microsoft partners in the Fortune 500.

What is AltSignals and ActualizeAI?

AltSignals is a trading signals provider that uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify patterns in market data and provide trading signals to its users. The platform offers three subscription models: AltAlgo, Forex, or Binance Futures. Users who subscribe can tap into and leverage signals to make highly accurate trades.

The buzz about AltSignals today follows the platform’s upcoming and highly anticipated AI-powered trading tool called ActualizeAI.

A public sale of a new token dubbed ASI and which will power ActualizeAI recently went live, with the presale attracting massive interest to see more than $100,000 raised in less than 24 hours. The presale has so far raised $480,000 as interest in AI-related cryptocurrencies jumps.

As GPT-4 and future iterations of the revolutionary AI technology continue to take shape, it’s likely ActualizeAI could become the most powerful trading algorithm in the market. Building on an already successful business model and integrating the most powerful artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive modelling and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities are what makes AltSignals such a huge deal today.

AltSignals also says ActualizeAI will benefit from reinforcement learning, a feature set to see the system understand risk-to-reward ratio across spot, futures and options trading.

Should you buy ASI tokens today? Here’s why this might be a good investment

The AI narrative is a powerful trend today, with tech giants like Google and Microsoft driving the innovation leap. As noted, GPT-4 illustrates just what’s possible across the ecosystem.

AltSignals’ position as one of the leading signals providers and its march into the AI future is indeed fueling the presale phase of its ASI token. Currently, one can buy ASI tokens cheaply at $0.012. But the value of the tokens is rising and will hit over $0.022 at the end of the presale. As far as price predictions go, this token could then explode as ActualizeAI goes live in a few months’ time.

Mainly because ASI holders are set to have more than just the life-time access to high-quality crypto signals on ActualizeAI, getting the tokens at low prices cannot be a bad idea at all.

Also, ASI token holders will be able to beta-test new tools on ActualizeAI and earn ASI tokens for their contributions to the ecosystem.

ASI is also designed to be deflationary, meaning the supply of tokens will decrease with time via a mechanism called “token burning.” Permanently removing a given number of tokens from circulation has the potential effect of catalysing demand and thus increasing the value of the tokens.

Interested in AltSignals? Visit their website for more on the project and the presale.


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