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mintlayer announces the listing of ml token on | invezz


Mintlayer, a future-proof blockchain providing direct token interoperability and empowering Bitcoin (BTC/USD) with a sidechain, has announced that its native token ML will be listed on before the end of March.

According to the announcement by Mintilayer, ML token will be listed on, one of the largest Crypto exchanges worldwide by volume, on March 21, 2023.

Purchasing ML tokens after listing offer a variety of ways to purchase cryptocurrencies including crypto and fiat. The Exchange, which was established in 2013 also offers a P2P trading platform where users will be able to buy the tokens and sell them among themselves.

In addition to the wide variety of methods to onboard potential ML holders, is also the first major crypto exchange with a 100% proof-of-reserve commitment.

In their statement, Mintlayer said:

“ provides a fantastic platform for ML users to trade their tokens conveniently and efficiently. We look forward to being part of the cutting-edge ecosystem that Gate has developed over the past decade.”

The ML token listing timetable

The ML token will be listed on on 21 March 2023, which will also be the token Generation Event (TGE) day allowing those who have purchased or earned ML tokens to have them reflected on their dashboard. In addition, those who have specified to claim their ML on the Ethereum network will be able to claim unlocked tokens to a non-custodial wallet.

The initial unlocked ML token supply at the TGE is 15,820,000 ML. The remaining amount of ML tokens is subject to vesting schedules of different lengths. However, after two years, approximately 335 million ML tokens will be unlocked.

People will be allowed to deposit their ML tokens to their wallet starting March 21.

After listing, the ML token will then launch on’s startup platform on March 22, before trading starts on March 23, 2023, at 12:00PM CET. To start with traders will be able to trade ML/USDT trading pair.


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