NASDAQ appreciation of Ripple-Metaco acquisition triggers IPO speculations

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nasdaq appreciation of ripple-metaco acquisition triggers ipo speculations


In what appeared to be among the most publicized acquisitions within the crypto world in 2023, blockchain payments company Ripple Labs acquired Metaco. Metaco is Swiss-based asset custody that focuses on trading and decentralized finance.

The acquisition was crucial as it could help Ripple Labs cement its footprints in the EU. Reports revealed that the company paid $250 million to seal the deal.

Meanwhile, the latest updates reveal that a renowned brokerage firm NASDAQ has appreciated the company – a move that had the markets looking for more than meets the eye. Ripple remains a private entity. NASDAQ Global, a massive hub for publicly traded companies, recognized the acquisition deal, spurring different speculations.

Remember, Ripple Labs is a fintech firm that leverages blockchain to transform the payment sector. On the other side, NASDAQ has a deep connection with tech-based firms.

Ripple Labs has planned to publicize itself via IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the last few years. Could the company join’s list of firms anticipated IPOs of this year? The ongoing legal battle between the company and the US SEC has veiled everything related to this plan lately.

However, the latest developments show Ripple can defeat the securities watchdog. Recognition of Ripple’s latest businesses could be an advert for the latter to consider NASDAQ whenever it finally switches to going public.

SEC lawsuit crucial for Ripple to go public

Ripple’s plan to go public isn’t an unthinkable idea. Some leading firms, including Coinbase, in the crypto sphere have successfully traded on NASDAQ after going public. Nonetheless, Ripple Labs has to win the SEC battle to go public in the US.

Company listing is lucrative for any firm as it signals growth and attracts more investors as the company attains a ‘clear’ regulatory status. Meanwhile, the latest updates indicate that the Ripple vs. SEC fight will end soon.


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