OKX football fans can mint free FIFA NFTs and earn USDT during the World Cup | Invezz

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okx football fans can mint free fifa nfts and earn usdt during the world cup | invezz


After unveiling a football cup that will run concurrent with the ongoing FIFA World Cup, the crypto exchange platform OKX has gone a step further to assist the OKX Football Cup players to mint free OKX Football Cup NFTs

While players are required to stake 0.01 Ethereum (ETH/USD) to mint an NFT, the staked ETH can be redeemed after the OKX Football Cup ends. This means the minted NFTs are free since they do not cost anything except for the gas fees.

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How to mint the free FIFA NFTs on OKX

You can mint up to three football team NFTs between now and 12:00 December 2022 (UTC+0) which is the scheduled date for the end of the FIFA 2022 Group stage. There is also the option of buying the football team NFTs via OKX NFT Marketplace; but why buy while you can mint for free?

So, to mint the free NFTs you just have to go to the event page of the OKX Football Cup, switch to ‘wallet’ at the top left, click ‘NFT Marketplace’, and click ‘Free Mint’. Go ahead and connect your wallet to mint your own OKX Football NFT by selecting your favourite team from the 32 teams and staking 0.01 ETH to mint an NFT for free.

The staked ETH are redeemable at the end of the OKX Football Cup tournament.

On the OKX website, you can only mint one NFT. But you can download the OKX App to grab two more NFTs.

If you do not have Ether in your Ethereum wallet, you can swap other cryptocurrencies for ETH or add more funds to buy ETH. You should have sufficient funds to cater for the network fees for the transfers and swaps.

Once you mint your OKX Football Cup NFTs, you can then click on ‘view my NFTs’ to view your NFTs.

Winning rewards with OKX Football Cup NFTs

If the team that you minted NFTs for wins, you become part of the NFT holders who will share the fixed prize pool set aside for each match.

OKX has set aside a fixed 20,000 USDT prize pool for each match in the group stage of the tournament. After each match comes to an end, the NFT owners who backed the winning team will share the prize pool. If a match ends in a draw, NFT holders on each side will share a prize pool of 10,000 USDT.

It is important to note that the free mint of football team NFTs will be closed after the group stage ends and players cannot mint NFTs when their teams are playing.

During the Knockout stage, OKX adds 10 USDT for each NFT. That means that if for example France and England are playing and there were 100 France NFTs and 200 England NFTs minted in the group stage, OKX will add an additional 3000 USDT in the prize pool (which already comprises the prize accumulated from the group stage matches). The owners of NFTs whose team wins share the USDT in the prize pool just like in the group stage.

After the end of the knockout stage, you can decide to burn your football team NFTs to exit future predictions and have your share of the prizes in the rewards in the knockout stage instantly added to your prize balance. 

If you’re interested in earning some USDT rewards as the international football tournament continues, head to OKX to mint your NFT.

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