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play-and-earn football prediction app pooky launches its genesis nft collection | invezz


The gamified web3 football prediction app Pooky has announced the launch of its Genesis Pookyball NFTs collection. The announcement follows the platform’s public beta that went live in November 2022.

The platform has seen more than 450,000 predictions since the launch of the public beta with about 7,000 monthly players.

No-risk alternative to betting

The Pookyball NFTs will allow holders to earn crypto-based rewards for correctly predicting the outcomes of football matches in the biggest football leagues in Europe. Players will actually be betting in a unique NFT-based prediction game that provides the same thrill but without the financial risk associated with traditional gambling.

Players will be able to climb the ranks of the Pooky leaderboards and earn crypto rewards by predicting the outcome of the games, exact scores, and the number of goals.

The Genesis Collection NFTs feature 1,000 NTs designed by 3D studio Serial Cut which has worked with brands such as Spotify, Nike, and RedBull. The NFTs will be available for minting starting February 28.

The NFTs will have multiple levels of rarity and the most scarce NFTs will possess higher attributes to boost players’ prediction strategies.

Regular Pookyball NFT drops afterwards

Once the 1,000 Genesis Collection is exhausted, Pooky will follow up with regular Pookyball NFTs starting in March. This will give everyone a chance to hop in the platform’s predictions game.

Pooky’s predictions game currently supports football but there are plans to add tennis, Formula 1, and basketball later this year.

In the first phase, Pooky will use its soulbond POK token to test the in-game functionalities before shifting to using the platform’s tradable native token, TPK, later this year. After the transition, players will use the TPK token for in-game expenses and rewards.

The platform uses a rewards pool per season and per competition model distributing tokens based on the tokens’ in-flow. A percentage of the tokens collected as fees will be burnt to ensure a sustainable, long-term circular economy that’s absent in most other play-to-earn models.


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