Polkadot price up 7%: surge in development activity

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polkadot price up 7%: surge in development activity


The Polkadot price has risen by almost 8% over the past week. At press time, DOT, the native token of Polkadot, was trading at $6.46, starting the week with slight price movement after a relatively active week.

But while DOT has started the week on neutral ground, the Polkadot ecosystem continues to see an increased development activity; something provides an insight into the future of both Polkadot and DOT when combined with other indicators.

Polkadot tops in development activity

Polkadot tops the likes of Cardano and Ethereum blockchain in terms of GitHub daily development activity.

A tweet by ProofofGitHub earlier today places Polkadot at the top in terms of development activity followed by Osmosis Network, SSV Network, Cardano, and Ethereum in that order.

The rate of dApps development activity on Polkadot has remained high over the past week and the trend seems to continue in the coming week.

What is driving the high development activity?

Polkadot features many chains inside its infrastructure and these chains host a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps).

Polkadot’s high level of development activity could be a pointer that the project has a strong team of contributors and developers dedicated to the project’s success. If projects in the Polkadot ecosystem reach a critical mass, DOT and other tokens in the ecosystem could see increased momentum.


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