Total crypto market cap is rising again: Here is why you should invest in AltSignals

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The cryptocurrency market has been in a bearish trend since the Bull Run of 2021. The prices of most coins are down by more than 50% from their all-time high. While 2022 was a grim year for the crypto market, 2023 is starting to look like a positive year. 

The cryptocurrency market cap has soared from below $1 trillion in December 2022 to stand at around $1.2 trillion currently. Prices of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are up by more than 20% year-to-date.

The growing market cap means that more investors and traders are entering the market. As trading opportunities increase in the market, traders would need help taking advantage of these opportunities.

This is where projects like AltSignals come in. As a niche-focused project, AltSignals provides traders with the necessary resources and information to become successful when trading cryptocurrencies. 

Let us look at AltSignals and analyse the investment opportunity it provides to traders. 

Does AltSignals offer an attractive investment opportunity?

AltSignals is a platform that offers traders signals for cryptocurrencies, Binance futures and forex. The platform also offers traders signals for CFDs and the stock market. 

As a trader-focused platform, AltSignals leverages an AI stack designed to take advantage of machine learning, predictive modelling and natural language processing (NLP). the platform uses these technologies to boost the volume and accuracy of the signals provided.

The ActualizeAi feature of AltSignals is what makes it one of the best trading signals platforms in the cryptocurrency space. ActualizeAi is fully automated and has 24/7 trading capability 

With the rising cryptocurrency market cap and the possible surge in opportunities in the market, platforms such as AltSignals could see an increase in utilisation over the coming months and years. AltSignals would make it easier for traders to trade various cryptocurrencies and other financial assets.

The use case of AltSignals could lead to a surge in the price of ASI, the native token of the platform. ASI is still in its pre-sale stage and is currently sold at $0.012 per token. 

With the pending utility of the ASI token, the price could soar higher over the coming months and years. Hence, making it a potentially lucrative investment. 

Will AltSignals reach $0.50 by 2024?

ASI, the native token of the AltSignals platform, could rally over the next few months. The token’s performance can be fueled by two major factors; internal and external factors.

The internal factors would include the launch of ActualizeAI and other features by the AltSignals team. If the team sticks to its roadmap and launches some of these features, it could rally higher in the short to medium term.

Furthermore, if the broader crypto market continues its recovery and embarks on a Bull Run in the coming months, ASI could rally higher. At the moment, ASI is selling for $0.012 in the pre-sale stage. 

If the market conditions align, ASI could reach the $0.5 level before the end of 2024. 

What is Function X?

Function X is a decentralised trading system with a highly customisable and expandable multi-chain architecture blockchain network. FX Coin powers the Function X ecosystem as it is used as a governance token as well as a gas token. 

Function X has two major subnets, and one of them concentrates on the trading of perpetual contracts of cryptocurrency assets and other stock-based perpetual derivatives on the blockchain.

As an EVM-compatible chain, Function makes it easy for developers to migrate their dApps instantly and provides the infrastructure to enable the dApps to run smoothly with low fees on a secured network. F

Is Function X safe?

At the moment, Function X is a safe decentralised trading platform. FX Coin is currently the 320th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, making it popular amongst investors. 

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a platform that focuses on offering signals for cryptocurrencies, forex, CFDs, and stocks. 

Launched in 2017 by a group of traders, AltSignals identifies the problems faced by traders and addresses them.

ActualizeAI is the major product of AltSignals, and it is set to provide traders with a fully automated and 24/7 trading capability. The technology would help traders achieve more accurate trades, determine trade entries, and use excellent risk management strategies. 

Traders would gain access to the AltSignals ecosystem by holding ASI tokens in their wallets. AltSignals is currently in the pre-sale stage. If you want to learn more about the AltSignals presale, you can visit their website.

How does AltSignals work?

AltSignals is a trading platform that provides traders with trading signals for the crypto, forex, CFD, and stock markets. The platform has AltAlgo, a tool that simplifies the charts and indicators for traders. 

With AltAlgo, users have an edge in the market as they exactly when to enter and exit trades, potentially maximising the expected profits.

The team is also working on the launch of ActualizeAI. According to AltSignals, the ActualizeAI will be expertly trained to identify patterns in market data, giving users the edge they need to make informed trades. 

AltSignals claims that ActualizeAI uses a simple linear regression model to predict future asset prices with accuracy based on their historical performance. The team claims that it would also integrate predictive modelling to boost the signals generated for traders. 

How will AltSignals change the industry?

AltSignals could have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market thanks to its ActualizeAI feature. The hardest part of cryptocurrency trading is getting the right signals after carrying out market analysis.

This is where AltSignals could help traders. With AltSignals, it could become easier for traders to enter the crypto market as they could easily identify entry points, take profit levels, and stop loss. By gaining access to this information, more people could enter the crypto trading scene, and the industry could record massive growth in the long term.

Is cryptocurrency a good long-term investment?

Investment in cryptocurrencies over the long term is a good idea. You can ascertain this by looking at the long-term chart of some of the leading cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin was trading at an all-time low of $0.04865 in July 2010. 13 years later, Bitcoin is trading above $28k, up by more than 57559638.32% during that period. There is no asset group in the world asides from cryptocurrencies that can give investors this level of return in the medium and long term.

Are trading tokens a good long-term investment?

Trading tokens could prove to be good long-term investment thanks to the growth of the broader cryptocurrency market. The total cryptocurrency market cap has grown from below $1 trillion in December 2022 to now stand at $1.19 trillion. 

As the market continues to recover and grow, trading volume in the crypto market could increase, and more traders could leverage trading platforms like AltSignals. If that happens, the value of these trading tokens could surge drastically over the coming months and years. 

Is AltSignals worth buying?

AltSignals looks to be an interesting project, thanks to the numerous features and products it has lined up. If the development team moves ahead to launch some of its products, including ActualizeAI, AltSignals could see its user base grow massively in the next few months and years.

The increased utility of AltSignals could boost its native ASI token. ASI is trading at $0.012 per coin in the presale stage. In addition to the development plans put in place by AltSignals, improved fundamental conditions of the broader market could help push ASI’s price higher. 


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