World Cup shock dumps Argentina token | Invezz

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world cup shock dumps argentina token | invezz


The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is serving some fantastic matches, some big shocks and a record breaking goal for Cristiano Ronaldo who is the only player to now score in five different FIFA World Cups.

But there is something esle that’s happened: NFTs have taken center stage alongside the football as interest in fan tokens spikes. And the OKX NFT Football Cup is giving fans a chance to mint NFTs and win big on upcoming matches.

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Saudi Arabia NFT soars after shock win against Argentina

Saudi Arabia was the first to provide a tactical blow, beating Argentina and soccer superstar Lionel Messi with a come-from-behind 2-1 win. Then Japan took a page from that book and delivered its own version of football lesson to European giants Germany. 

The Saudis (SAUD) NFT collection surged 387% after the Argentina match. Meanwhile, market data shows Argentina’s fan token (ARG) dropped 28% to trade around $5.18 on Thursday 12:45 pm ET.

How to win with the OKX NFT Football Cup

As the action in Qatar looks to get even more exciting with several tasty ties coming up, fans are likely to eye huge wins within the next four three weeks.

OKX, through its NFT Football Cup is giving fans a chance to win big as they enjoy the World Cup games. The NFT-based game offers two ways in which fans can win – from a share of the prize pool or $20k in spot rewards. To win, fans need to mint an NFT of their favourite team from any of the 32 national teams and stake a 0.01 ETH.

With this done, one can predict which team will win in the group stage, knockout round and third-place play off.

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