XRP price prediction and what Ripple vs. SEC could mean for AltSignals (ASI)

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altsignal presale 53% sold out as investors eye hot ai-related investment opportunity


XRP traded around $0.46 this morning Tuesday, 2 May. Although the price of the sixth-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap wasnabout 38% up year-to-date, its just in the green in the past week and down by about 10% over the last 30 days.

The largely flat returns for the coin in the seven-day period comes as Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, hovered near $28,000. BTC price was poised at this crucial level after retesting resistance near $30,000 this weekend on banking news related to the troubled First Republic Bank (NYSE: FRC).

As XRP and other top altcoins look for a footing, the AltSignals (ASI) presale continues to attract huge investor interest. Here we look at the price prediction for XRP and ASI token as analysts point to greater possibility for a crypto outperformance of stocks in coming months.

XRP price: The SEC vs. Ripple case

May is here and the XRP community still awaits a verdict in the highly publicised court battle between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple, the blockchain company that created the XRP cryptocurrency.

While the anticipation for a ruling remains high, the latest speculation is that the SEC has likely lost the case and could be looking to strike a settlement.  Among experts to comment on Ripple’s case is John E. Deaton, a blockchain enthusiast and XRP community attorney.

In a Twitter thread on the latest rumour about SEC vs. Ripple, the lawyer says his bet is that it’s false. He notes that a settlement will likely come into play “only if Ripple gets a big victory so Gensler could save face and get a political win via settlement.”

XRP price prediction- the big wait for XRP rally

The XRP price briefly stepped into positive territory on the 24-hour log overnight Monday, but did not take off even after the rumours. This is probably due to sentiment check following comments from Deaton and others, which one XRP trader noted as in the tweet below.

The XRP token therefore currently hovers near the key support base below $0.47. Even then, the expectation is that a win for Ripple Labs in coming weeks could ignite a massive explosion for XRP, while a win for the regulator could not just impact XRP, but many other top coins recently highlighted as securities by the agency.

On the positive side, demand leading to new buy XRP pressure amid a bullish market outlook for crypto could catapult the XRP’s value to the psychological $1. 

After that, targeting the all-time high of $3.40 reached in January 2018 could offer XRP bulls the chance to catch up with peers after lagging other top 10 coins in the last bull market.

AltSignals and its new AI-powered trading platform

Market observers continue to hold optimistic predictions for crypto as the broader market moves towards the second half of 2023. And as May starts, one of the projects seeing renewed attention is AltSignals, a leading trading signals provider that’s set to revolutionise the trading industry with a new upgrade powered by Artificial Intelligence.

To power the new ActualizeAI platform, the AltSignals team has launched ASI. Holders of the ASI token will be the first to access the new AI Algorithm. Other than access to the AI layer, the community will also benefit from multiple other avenues of earning rewards with their holdings, including in the membership club and from trading tournaments.

Currently, the platform serves more than 50,000 traders who utilise its trading signals across cryptocurrencies, stocks and forex. The AltSignals team is taking this already successful business a step towards dominating its niche by incorporating AI tools, with the new model also leveraging the latest in machine learning and natural language processing.

Once launched, ActualizeAI will increase manifold the accuracy of AltSignals’ trading signals, supercharging traders’ experiences and offering huge benefits to members.

AltSignals price prediction- Does ASI offer a good opportunity?

The ASI presale is currently at stage two, with 62% of the tokens on offer at this phase of the presale sold out in days to raise over $673k. The price of ASI is $0.015 at this stage and will have increased to $0.02274 by the time the presale ends ahead of ActualizeAI going live.

According to the AltSignals roadmap, the ASI token is scheduled to launch on leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the second quarter of 2023. The first exchange to list the token will be Uniswap, and as has been observed with most other projects, going live in the secondary market has often coincided with major price gains.

The AltSignals team also plans to have ActualizeAI licensed after it starts live trading, with key partnerships involving major institutions and third parties part of the roadmap. This should see demand for ASI rise significantly and potentially aid the market price. Also critical to the tokenomics of this project is the expected governance move that will introduce a burn schedule. The AltSignals whitepaper has more details on the tokenomics.

If ASI replicates the trends seen across the market, it’s likely its price will target $0.1 during the quarter and potentially $0.5 going into 2024.

Interested in ASI token? Find out more by visiting their presale page here.


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