Robert Kiyosaki Renews Faith in Bitcoin as Inflation Hedge

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robert kiyosaki renews faith in bitcoin as inflation hedge
robert kiyosaki renews faith in bitcoin as inflation hedge 3

In a recent tweet, investing legend Robert Kiyosaki has once again expressed his support for Bitcoin and precious metals as “real assets” that can protect people from the negative consequences of excessive money printing.

According to Kiyosaki, the recent rally in US stock markets is only because Congress suspended the debt ceiling, allowing the national debt to grow further. This benefits the rich while making America poorer, in his opinion.

Therefore, Kiyosaki will continue holding Bitcoin, gold, and silver as the only “real money and assets. Their limited supply makes them an ideal hedge against increased money supply and inflation risks.

So far in 2023:

  • Silver is up just 5% due to ranging between $22-$26 per ounce.
  • Gold has gained 7% after hitting a high of $2,080 and currently trading around $1,955.
  • Bitcoin, however, has surged over 80% from $16,700 to this week’s peak of $31,850. Despite recent declines, BTC remains the best-performing asset this year.

Kiyosaki believes Bitcoin’s fundamental properties make it similar to gold as a store of value and inflation hedge. Its irreversible issuance schedule and provable scarcity provide better protection against currency debasement compared to stocks.

However, Bitcoin’s higher volatility remains its main drawback, especially during periods of intense risk aversion. Precious metals, though less profitable, tend to be more stable investments for wealth preservation.

In any case, Robert Kiyosaki’s resolve to hold real assets that can’t be debased by central banks remains firm. Although Bitcoin is riskier, its asymmetric return profile may provide better shields against inflation if it achieves mainstream adoption.

For now, the author continues advocating diversifying into a combination of gold, silver, and Bitcoin to preserve purchasing power in the long term. His realist view of economics serves as a good reminder of money’s original purpose as a store of value.

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