CryptoUnity has partnered with Lenovo for a beginner-focused crypto exchange | Invezz

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cryptounity has partnered with lenovo for a beginner-focused crypto exchange | invezz


CryptoUnity is working on a beginner-focused crypto exchange that has a user-friendly interface and comprehensive educational resources to bridge the gap for beginners in the cryptocurrency space. The project aims at simplifying the crypto involvement process which can be otherwise overwhelming and complicated for those just starting out.

The startup’s mission is to help beginners confidently navigate the world of cryptocurrencies through their platform which is backed up with 24/7 support for users.

Safety of crypto assets

Besides the CryptoUnity platform being user-friendly, it has also paid attention to the safety of users’ assets by implementing a cold wallet with an NFC card. This places CryptoUnity among the few centralized cryptocurrency exchanges that do not hold users’ funds.

The funds will instead be held by an independent highly regulated custodian, meaning they are completely separated from the project’s funds. As a result, the customers’ funds cannot be manipulated or influenced by the company’s operations or potential financial challenges.

Involving the community

To make their platform as user-friendly as possible, CryptoUnity has ensured that the community remains a big part of the project. The community is actively involved in the design of the crypto exchange application.

And on the same note, CryptoUnity also boasts of concluding a partnership with the globally known company called Lenovo.

CryptoUnity Token (CUT) presale

CryptoUnity’s native token, the CryptoUnity Token (CUT), is built on Binance Smart Chain and its total supply is 1,000,000,000 CUT. It is a utility token that will provide holders with many different benefits and utility cases on the CryptoUnity platform. Besides profiting from lower fees and other loyalty programs, users can use CUT to access further education and to secure a spot in other legitimate ICO presales.

CUT token holders are also entitled to different rewards, including holder rewards, airdrops, and advantages on giveaways. They can also stake CUT for additional bonuses.

The CryptoUnity project passed an audit by QuillAudits in September 2022 and another audit by CertiK in November 2022.  They received the CertiK KYC Gold badge.

They have also conducted a private sale that raised €70,000 before doing a presale in Slovenia raising €300,000 and another presale in Balkan raising €240,000.

The project is now at the worldwide presale where they target to raise €2,500,000. The worldwide presale is scheduled for the first quarter of Q3.

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