HUMAN Protocol partners with Salk Institute on machine learning initiatives | Invezz

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human protocol partners with salk institute on machine learning initiatives | invezz


Digital machine learning platform (ML) HUMAN Protocol has partnered with a nonprofit research institute, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The partnership seeks support for creating and improving systems that provide an in-depth understanding of the animals’ and plants’ behavioural partners using various tagging techniques.

Salk researchers have developed SLEAP, an open-source deep learning framework, to speed up their research. It is a multifunctional tool that uses pre-recorded movies to automatically monitor the body component motions of any type and number of animals, enabling the accurate and quantitative examination of data collected.

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HUMAN Protocol’s Ecosystem and Operations Director Andreas Schemm said,

By coming together with a scientific juggernaut like Salk Institute, we are looking to foster various research opportunities. This will be achieved primarily via the utilization of decentralized technologies like machine learning, a distributed job economy, etc. Moving ahead, we hope to help spur the rapid evolution of various life sciences-related domains.

The Salk Institute will be able to accomplish several of its scientific objectives more quickly and with limited resources thanks to the HUMAN Protocol’s workforce of 500,000 people. Random members of the HUMAN Application from all over the world who receive the HMT token essentially outsource the expensive process of machine learning algorithms training with the aid of people.

Salk received a five-year $126 million grant from NIH

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded Salk Institute $126 million, five-year funding to explore diverse ageing patterns connected to the human brain. Salk will be able to employ its effective tech stack in this initiative, among others, thanks to HUMAN, which will also increase the visibility of and allow more effective labelling thanks to its CVAT module.

Maxime Sebti, HUMAN Protocol’s Marketing Director, said,

This partnership will help mobilize the scientific community by providing it with previously unavailable tools. This is the right step forward for all those involved, and it will be interesting to see what lies ahead.

Finally, this partnership represents a significant step forward for the scientific world since it unites two distinctive paradigms that can complement one another in unthinkable ways.


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