Looking Glass Labs signs a strategic development partnership with Cavrnus | Invezz

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looking glass labs signs a strategic development partnership with cavrnus | invezz


Leading Web3 platform Looking Glass Labs Ltd. (LGL) has announced a strategic development partnership with Cavrnus, a brand aiming to push the limits of creativity in the metaverse sector.

LGL specializes in immersive metaverse environments, play-to-earn tokenization, and blockchain monetization strategies. The partnership will allow brands and creators access to powerful user-friendly metaverse builder and development tools. This will enable them to create unique experiences using state-of-the-art technology.

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Commenting on the partnership, Chief Executive Officer at LGL Dorian Banks said:

“We are excited to collaborate with Cavrnus in this way. Their expertise is complementary to ours and we expect the outcome of our joint focus to be quite positive. In order to evolve in the metaverse sector, we believe that strategic relationships are vital and we want to continue to create user-friendly and fulfilling metaverse experiences for Pocket Dimension holders.”

Expansion of LGL’s Pocket Dimension metaverse

The primary objective of the strategic partnership is for the two firms to cooperate in developing immersive metaverse experiences for consumer brands by expanding LGL’s Pocket Dimension. The companies will partner in deploying the Pocket Dimension metaverse in multiple operating systems including mobile systems.

Pocket Dimension is a hyper-realistic digital world being built using the latest version of Unreal Engine. It features different parcels of virtual land and aims to offer users a premium virtual experience. Each piece of land features one of eleven different environments including Archipelago, Countryside, Dale, Dunes, Fjord, Marsh, Savanna, Tundra, Woodland and Zen, as well as the aforementioned Genesis Moon environment exclusively for Genesis Membership holders. Each of these environments allows users to do several activities like hosting events with their community, integrating custom structures, minting digital assets, inviting friends, and displaying NFTs among others.

This will increase user accessibility and delivery of seamless user-friendly metaverse builder and development tools that will ultimately result in the fast-tracking of the delivery of Pocket Dimension products to other partners and brands.

LGL and Cavrnus will also share APIs and documentation and cooperate on go-to-market activities like marketing and sales.


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