SeaCoast announces $COAST public token sale

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coast token sale

SeaCoast, a maritime startup using Web3 technology to pioneer new ways of exploring the world’s waterways, has announced the public token sale of its token, COAST.

The public token sale starts today and will allow members of the public to purchase COAST tokens, which sit at the heart of SeaCoast’s ecosystem.

SeaCoast ecosystem

SeaCoast is developing a nautical ecosystem centred on curated data involving waterways and water inlets that will allow explorers to access rich and up-to-date information that enhances their interactions with local touch points.

SeaCoas has developed three apps (ShoreView, PortView, and PaperBoat) to support its goal. The apps unlock new ways of interacting with coastal resources while earning rewards for the knowledge they share as content curators.

The ShoreView app is a virtual assistant application that facilitates coastal navigation through augmented reality and shows users what they see and what is invisible to the naked eye in real-time.

PortView on the other hand is an application that facilitates mooring boats using augmented reality and audio assistance. It is the maritime equivalent of Google Maps’ “how to get there” function. It aims at solving boat accidents during mooring especially since about 70% of accidents with rented boats occur at the point of mooring.

Lastly, the PaperBoat app is a mooring reservation manager that serves as the of sailing.

The COAST token

The COAST token sits at the heart of the SeaCoast ecosystem that included the three applications. It rewards users who share the information that they acquire when navigating or discovering places along the coast.

After the public token sale, SeaCoast can earn COAST tokens by sharing geo-referencing elements that can appear on augmented reality maps for others to use. The more the information, the more the tokens earned in addition to extra rewards that include “priority access to marinas or buoys discounts at local venues and invitations to events.”

CEO of the SeaCoast and founder of Jazztel, DigiMobil and a dozen of other companies, Jose Manuel Arnaiz, said:

“We do not think of tokens as a possibility to capture resources, but as a way from which we can promote some services and boost the recurrence of users on the platform.”

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